FREE Animated Clock with Weather Like on HTC Phones

If you are a regular visitor of the blog, then you know that I am a lover of clock software. Today I bring to you a new clock app that I recently found that is unlike any other. It is called HTC Home. HTC Home is a a nice animated flip style clock with weather, that displays on your Windows Desktop. This clock is like the clock that is popular on HTC phones. As a matter of fact, I rate it as the top clock in my collection, at this time.

HTC Home Clock

Depending if you go with version 1.1 of HTC Home or the beta 1 of version 2, you will find features such as weather and clock animations, wallpaper background changing, a location chooser for the weather and an option to install directly from the internet or download as a portable app. My suggestion is to go with version 1.1 of HTC Home until the bugs are ironed out of version 2.  As a matter of fact, in my testing, version 1.1 actually has more features.

To give you an idea how HTC Home works, I encourage you to preview the video below.


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7 thoughts on “FREE Animated Clock with Weather Like on HTC Phones

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  1. Hey Rick,
    This is indeed great but when I downloaded it, I got this message:

    Application cannot be started
    Below is a summary of the errors, details of these errors are listed later in the
    * Activation of resulted in
    exception. Following failure messages were detected:
    + The system cannot find the file specified. (Exception from HRESULT:

    What do you think? I can send you the full report if you want it. This has happened to many of my attempted downloads before. Maybe Windows 7 Starter can’t really accept all downloads. I’m just sad about this one because I really wanted it 🙂


  2. Hi Rick,

    Had a look at it, as its the same clock on my HTC phone, but alas this appears to be only suitable for Vista and 7, so no good for us still running XP, what a bummer.



  3. Downloaded portable zip. Running Win7 x64. Easy, fast install. This is 1 awesome clock. Thanks for the great find. SoCal sun today, 80 degrees!!!!


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