Geek Squeaks’ of the Week (#85)

If you are one that gets excited about information technology and computers, then Geek Squeaks’ is the place to be. Each week recent articles are randomly selected from the sites that are associated with the What’s On My PC blogroll. You will not regret bookmarking any of these sites…

Geek Squeaks'

Tied Up in the (World Wide) Web
Hold on, I gotta check Facebook
(or Twitter or Tumblr or some other form of social media)

Chicago PC/Mac Support
Hasbro Reinvents the Viewmaster…With An iPhone

Malware Removal Instructions
How to remove Security Inspector 2010 (Uninstall Guide)

Online Storage Reviews
Best Practices for Data Storage

SuperTalent Introduced USB 3.0 Flash Drive at less than $15

Worthy Tips
BitDefender Safego – A 24/7 Facebook Protection Shield

Netbook Freeware
Abilon: Fast Free Powerful RSS Reader For Netbook

I Love Free Software
Free HD Video Converter: Convert Video Files to HD Format

Get detailed information about your laptop battery with Batterybar

I Want Ice Water
SG-U: A New Metaphor For The Human Condition?

404 Tech Support
Adobe Spares Us From The Download Manager
(DLM) With Flash

TTC Shelbyville
Your internet is not as fast as you think

Five New Gmail Themes Released

My Technology Guide
Librarian: Free Feature Rich Windows 7 Library Management Utility

Awesome Wallpapers
Abstract Wallpaper Set 39

Freeware SE-DesktopConstructor Customizes Your Desktop

Faster PC! Clean! Clean!
How to Remove System Lock 2011

Plato On-Line
Netflix: Biggest Internet Threat Now

Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts
A Parents’ Facebook Safety Primer

Living a Particular Day of Life with 3G Technology!

Canadian Tech Blogger
Google Changes Sponsored Links To Ads

Monster Cable MP AV 800 PowerCenter AV 800 with Surge Protection

Laptop Reviews Central
Sprint launches Dell Inspiron Mini 10 & Dell Inspiron 11z

Paul’s Home Computing Blog
Older Bloggers

Technogran’s Tittle Tattle
Windows Live Essentials 2011. Windows Live Messenger

TuneUp Blog about Windows
Get the Handy “Show Desktop” Feature Now

Google Rolling Out Instant Previews on Search Results
How to deal with broken Gmail login

Tech-for Everyone
Protecting Your Hi-Tech Devices

Verizon Motorola Droid Pro will launch on
November 18, preorder on November 9

What’s On My PC
A Portable Start Menu for your Flash Drive


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