Learn How to Use the Boss Button In Windows 7

When Windows 7 was in beta development I was following and trying to learn every tip that I possibly could learn; however, there was one tip that I completely forgot about (and I bet you may have to).

If you have Windows 7 as your operating system on your computer, look at the taskbar (typically at the bottom of your screen) and on the far right side you will see a shaded rectangular block. That rectangular block is actually a button, called the Show Desktop button or what I call the Boss Button.

Boss Button

What purpose does the Show Desktop button (or Boss Button) serve?

If you have a multitude of Windows open and you want to quickly minimize all of those windows to get to and see the desktop, simply click on the Show Desktop button. If you desire to return to where you were working and open the windows back up, simply click the Show Desktop button again.

Why do I call it the Boss button?

An example: If you are at work and playing solitaire (or whatever other thing you are not suppose to be doing on the computer) and the Boss is coming toward your office, simply click the Show Desktop button (or Boss button) and whatever you have on your screen will instantly disappear and minimize to the taskbar. When the boss leaves, click the Boss button again and continue playing solitaire.


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12 thoughts on “Learn How to Use the Boss Button In Windows 7

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  1. chuckle.

    Bit quicker than Alt+Tab.

    Seriously now, I feel compelled to remind people that the company’s PC is just that, the company’s.. and it’s very easy for them to see how long, and when, you had solitaire.exe open.
    And what website you surfed to..
    And what your login to Gmail is…


    1. TechPaul,

      You are absolutely right in pointing out the Company’s PC is the Company’s PC… To put this into real life perspective, users on my network (when I was managing a network) couldn’t even get to solitaire, etc… Was not my doings, just company policy. Point of the tip here is that the “Boss” button is a pretty nifty, but forgotten, tool.

      Folks, be sure to check out TechPaul’s site, Tech-for Everyone . You will not regret it!




  2. That’s funny Rick. I was aware of the Show Desktop Button but I hadn’t considered that particular utility associated with it. I guess it could work at home too couldn’t it. You might open some spreadsheets and then start goofing-off on the Web and if the wife or kids happened by you could hit the Boss Button. “I’m sorry I can’t help you with the dishes right now, Honey. I have to get this proposal ready for Monday morning.” I’d like to think that I’d never do that. But it’s empowering to know that I know how to do that. Cool post Rick.


  3. Or if you’re keyboarding, Windows key+M. But I think the boss would wonder why you’re staring at your desktop. In my case, I’m usually blogging, so I Alt+tab to wherever I was before.


    1. WordDreams,

      Staring at the desktop and intensely thinking (LOL). Personally, none of this Boss Button stuff is my style. I wrote this to point out the Show Desktop button, which is often forgotten about in Windows 7. Now, there are people who look for every angle. I can remember having a guy on the network and my first clue that he was up to no good was a mirror that he had strategically placed to see oncoming people.



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