A FREE and Simple Way to Bookmark Web Sites

The internet to me is like being on a treasure hunt where everyday there is a new treasure to be found.  As a computer and information technology blogger I use tools to dig up these treasures and store them for future use and reference. One such treasure, and tool, that I recently found is a bookmarking service called LinCut.


I use LinCut, more or less as an utility, to quickly bookmark and grab any web sites that I come across that may contain information to be used for future articles on the blog. I know there are many, many other options out there for bookmarking, but LinCut I use as my harvesting tool due to the simplicity of the service.

LinCut is FREE, allows storage of unlimited bookmarks, requires no registration, is a one click service, and is easy to use.

If you want to give LinCut a try, visit the main site [HERE], and then drag (with your mouse) the LinCut Button to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Also, make note of the “Your LinCut Link”.  The “Your LinCut Link” is your own personal web address to get to your links. It is important to remember that link.

Once you have the LinCut Button on your browser’s bookmarks bar you simply click on the button anytime you desire to bookmark a web site that you are visiting. A dialog box similar to below will appear confirming that LinCut captured the site information. Click on “Save” and your site will be bookmarked at your personal LinCut site.



jaanix post to jaanix

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8 thoughts on “A FREE and Simple Way to Bookmark Web Sites

Add yours

  1. You just read my mind again lol.
    I was forced to organize my bookmarks yesterday because it was already crammed. Now you’ve just added another great solution. Thanks!


  2. Nice one Rick, I shall give it a spin.

    You can’t find something that cleans & sorts desktop shortcuts into proper folders can you? Sadly my desktop is getting the better of me and I really need to clean it up.



    1. John,

      The only thing I can think of is to create folders on your desktop in categories and start dragging and dropping the the shortcuts (and possibly files) into the folders. My strategy is to save nothing to my desktop. I have a “Rick” folder on the computer with subfolders under “Rick” to keep my personal stuff.



      1. SE,

        I am very familiar with Stardock’s Fences. Currently use it on a netbook and home theater setup. Excellent for organizing the desktop. Definitely may be helpful to John.

        Thanks for sharing this.



  3. Anyone else having problems accessing lincut?

    I get “Account Suspended”.

    When I try to go to any of their pages and not just view my bookmarks I get the same response. Seems to me that the actual website is “account suspended” and not “my account”, unless no one else is getting this message in which case they suspended my account for some reason.

    PS Tried to email their support and it came back as undeliverable unknown address.


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