A FREE Tool to Backup The Windows Registry in a Few Seconds

Built into the Windows Operating System is a central hierarchical database, called the Registry, that is the lifeblood of the operating system. Any corruption to that database can, and will, result in an operating system failure. The registry, dynamic in operation, stores the information that controls every aspect of your computer. Windows continually references, and writes to the registry, and is important in maintaining the overall health and integrity of the operating system (and your computer).

What I am trying to say, to those who are trying to understand, the Registry is one of the most important aspects of Windows. As a result, it is as important to regularly backup the registry as it is to backup your personal files. Windows does maintain backups of the registry with its’ System Restore utility; however, from my experience I question its’ integrity.

To backup the Windows Registry, I use a third party tool called Regbak – Registry Backup & Restore Tool. I typically run Regbak prior to any software I install on my computer or at least once a week. Regbak is a light-weight and simple to use utility that creates backups of the Registry files to a location of your choice. In the event the Registry on your computer becomes corrupted simply open the backup destination folder and run the restore utility called Regres. Typically, you would run the restore utility in such instances where your computer has become trashed as a result of a malware infection and/or as a result of a software install that went south.



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7 thoughts on “A FREE Tool to Backup The Windows Registry in a Few Seconds

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  1. Unbelievable. I exclude the registry in my backup because just backing up my user settings takes too much time already. Thanks for another problem solver Rick.


    1. Bill,

      You are correct. It is not going to help unless you can reboot to the Windows GUI either normally or via safemode. I have used this utility to backup the registry prior to a software install, in the event problems occur as a result of the install. Also, good in the event of a malware infection and you get the system clean, then use one of the backups…



  2. I was thinking the same thing as Bill. While I like the idea of making these backups, I don’t have the know-how to get a system that won’t boot running well enough to make use of them. What would be nice is if windows (or some add-on utility) would always offer to set a restore point for when when it detects that an installation is imminent. It’s hard to remember on my own, and the steps to go through are tedious and hard to remember.


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