Play Full-Featured Versions of your Favorite Solitaire Games Online for FREE

If you love playing solitaire, then I found the site for you called Just Solitaire.

Just Solitaire

The really cool part about Just Solitaire is that you do not have to install any software. Simply go to the Just Solitaire web site in your web browser and select from the 40 variations of solitaire that is available.

Just Solitaire Features:

  • More than 40 solitaire game variations to play.
  • Most games allow you to customize some rules, like the number of cards dealt from the stock and the number of times the stock is re-used.
  • Cards resize to fit your browser window.
  • Three ways to move cards: drag and drop, click to select and then again to place, double click to move to next available spot.
  • In addition to PCs and Macs, the solitaire games work on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices.
  • Game state and card positions remembered when you leave and then return to the game later.
  • Choose from different decks of cards, including a set made for phones and small screens, and one optimized for older versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Choose from different solitaire backgrounds.
  • Unlimited undo moves allowing you to try different ways to win your solitaire game.
  • Two methods of scoring to accumulate points over multiple games.
  • Autoplay mode turns over cards and deals from the stock automatically.
  • Completely free to play! No signup at all!
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