NEW Online Photo Sharing Service that is Drag and Drop Easy

There are numerous ways to post and share photos (or pictures) on the internet; however, the processes  to share your photos can be quite confusing.

If you are looking for an online service that makes photo sharing fast, fun and easy, then take a look at Minus.


Minus is a drag-and-drop sharing system. When you first visit the Minus home page don’t let first appearances deceive you.  The real power and magic occurs when you put Minus to work. Simply drag your photos (docs, music, videos and other files coming soon!) onto the Minus home page and the photos will be automatically uploaded and posted in a gallery. Following the upload process you will be provided with web links to each individual photo and for the entire gallery. Once you have the web links you can then send the links to others that will allow them to view the pictures. Currently you are permitted to upload photos (PEG, GIF, PNG, APNG, BMP) that are up to 7 MBs in size, and you can upload 50 photos per gallery. People viewing the photos have option to download individual photos or the entire gallery.

An online account is not necessary; however, I do recommend signing up.  By signing up you can then access, monitor and manage any of the photo galleries that you have created. Keep in mind, Minus is still in development stage and will most certainly only get better. I can foresee Minus being a very popular online picture (and file) sharing service.


  • Drag picture(s) from your desktop and folders onto Minus and a new gallery will be automatically created.
  • Use the Left Arrow ← and Right Arrow → to browse the gallery or simply navigate with your mouse.
  • Save & Manage your gallery with the Editor Link.
  • Name your gallery by clicking on top right “Untitled” button.
  • Change the order of image displays in gallery by dragging image titles on top right up and down.
  • Add more photos into gallery by dragging photos onto gallery page.
  • Delete photos from the gallery by clicking the X icons.
  • Delete the entire gallery by clicking the Trash icon.
  • Share the gallery with your friends using the Viewer Link.
  • Share a single image with your friends using the Direct Image Link.
  • Click on Download gallery link in gallery menu to download entire gallery images in Zip file.
  • Click on My Galleries button at bottom right of your screen to see history of your created and viewed galleries.
  • Click on Register / Login button at bottom right of your screen to create a new account or login.
  • Share Anonymously or Logged In.
  • When sharing anonymously , your galleries are tracked via a cookie that is attached to one computer.
  • When sharing while logged in, your galleries are tracked permanently until you clear the gallery history.
  • My Galleries tracking between anonymous and logged in state are separate.
  • If you wish to import galleries, simply re-open the editor or viewer urls for the galleries while logged in.


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