Customize Your Computer with this FREE Windows Wallpaper Manager

You can make owning a computer an enjoyable, positive and personal experience by making your computer look good. It is a hobby of mine to find ways that when I turn on my computer the interface I work with, such as the Windows Wallpaper, is an expression of me. In today’s world of personal computers the number of FREE third party apps out there to customize your computer are virtually unlimited.

One of the first places to begin in the customization process is the Windows Wallpaper. The Windows Wallpaper is the interface or background image you see the most when using your computer or even when your computer is setting idle. It is probably one of the first things a beginning computer user learns to change; however, I have found most people will change their wallpaper image and leave the same image background in place for years.  BORING!…

To go from BORING to WOW, I use a wallpaper changer, called Walyk Wallpaper Changer. As a matter of fact, I turned off any screensavers on my computer, and use Walyk Wallpaper Changer instead.

Walky Wallpaper Changer

Walyk Wallpaper Changer is a FREE utility that you install on your computer that will help you manage an entire collection of wallpaper images and will automatically change your wallpaper background at time intervals that you dictate. For example, here at Christmas time I collected (downloaded) numerous Christmas wallpaper backgrounds and placed them in a folder on my computer. By using Walyk Wallpaper Changer, pointing it to my collection of Christmas wallpapers, my windows desktop wallpaper changes every 30 minutes to a different Christmas wallpaper scene. I can attest this application has made my usage of my computer more enjoyable, relaxing; and, in my case has kept me in the Christmas spirit (even after a trip to Walmart).

Walyk Wallpaper Changer

Features of Walyk Wallpaper Changer:

  • Calendar themes (supporting transparencies and alpha channel for PNG-8 and PNG-24 images).
  • The wallpapers are changed automatically (with different configurations).
  • Change your wallpapers cyclic or random.
  • Various algorithms to .esample your images (is useful when the files have different dimensions than your screen), the resulted files are smaller and keeps quality and improve windows graphic performance when redraw the Desktop.
  • You can see a small or full screen preview for your pictures.
  • Supports the most common file formats (JPG/JPEG, PNG, BMP).
  • Multi-language interface, 2 languages included (English and Spanish), more languages are available.
  • A fully customizable calendar can be included in wallpapers, when you use center/stretch/smart positioning.
  • New smart function for automatic positioning wallpapers, enhanced treatment for landscape and portrait pictures (maintaining aspect ratio) and auto tile small pictures.
  • Now you can remove various files from the main list of wallpapers, holding [Ctrl]+[Mouse click] on every picture you can select individual files, [Shift]+[Mouse click] to select a range of files.
  • You can use global hotkeys the change wallpapers or lock your computer.
  • Show a timed preview popup before change the wallpaper, with this option you can choose the wallpaper that you like or keep the current one.
  • Automatic possibility to exit application after change the wallpaper (optional: show a confirmation popup).
  • Fully skinnable interface.
  • Advanced options to control the image resample behavior.
  • Folder monitoring: the wallpaper list is updated automatically when files are created or deleted.


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