Microsoft Bing’s FREE 411 Service – Give It A Try!

With the recent demise of Google’s 411 service, which I found most people (that I have contact with) did not know about anyway, I bring to you information about Microsoft’s FREE audio 411 service called:

Bing 411

Bing 411

I encourage you to give this try, from any phone, and keep it in your phone listing on your cell phone. It just may come in handy in a pinch. Bing 411 is currently available in the U.S. only.

Simply Dial, from any phone:


translated that is


[CLICK HERE] for an audio demo of Bing 411

With Bing 411 you can:

Find local shops and restaurants

Search by name or type

Narrow listings by city, neighborhood, or street

Get text message links to maps and details 2

Hear driving directions to the location

Connect directly to businesses

Share listings with friends

Get traffic, movie times, and weather

Hear the latest traffic reports, personalized to your route

Hear turn-by-turn driving directions, or get a text message2

Find movie showtimes and theater info

Listen to current weather and forecasts

Special Note: When you call from your mobile phone, standard airtime usage applies based on your phone plan. You are also responsible for text message fees if you choose to receive any text messages.


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7 thoughts on “Microsoft Bing’s FREE 411 Service – Give It A Try!

Add yours

    1. I still use this type of service, but after GOOG411, we got BING411, which later became TELLME , and now is a service called 24×7. To access this service today, you can dial, 888.247.2425. It actually has more features now than before.
      Wikipedia has some useful, but outdated, info here. (MSFT subsidiary) also has some info. Basically it looks like MSFT provides the data and [24]7 provides the voice technology.

      Bottom line: Call 888.247.2425 today instead of the BING411 number to get an even better service.


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