A Great Article on Google Docs

Most computer users at home do not realize that instead of purchasing Microsoft Office, for a pretty penny, you can accomplish virtually the same tasks online (on the internet) using Google Docs. Let’s face it, most home based computer users do not need a full scale office suite just to type the occasional letter, or to do a simple spreadsheet or create a presentation. Believe me, I have actually seen people purchase the Microsoft Office Suite thinking that it was a requirement. Yes, if you are a student or business person, then Microsoft Office is something you will probably need; however, if you are the everyday home based computer user, then Google Docs is an excellent (and FREE) alternative.  PLUS, the “cool factor” here is that Google Docs can read and save your files in many of the Microsoft Office file formats .

Google Docs

Create and share your work online with Google Docs

  • Upload your files from your desktop: It’s easy to get started and it’s free!
  • Access anywhere: Edit and view your docs from any computer or smart phone.
  • Share your work: Real-time collaboration means work gets done more quickly.

To learn HOW TO take advantage of Google Docs and HOW TO get started, I am now going to redirect you to a website where another blogger friend of mine (Scoroncocolo) has put together (extensive) information and complete instructions on using Google Docs. Why should I reinvent the wheel, when I do not have to.

To read a “Great Article On Google Docs”[ CLICK HERE ] .


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6 thoughts on “A Great Article on Google Docs

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  1. I’m not a power user of any “office” type software applications. I have found Google Docs does absolutely everything I need here at home.

    At work I could say the same except for Microsoft Access which we have a database that holds all of our clients and suppliers and subcontractors. So Access is really the only MSFT office product I actually need at work. I tried to talk my boss out of using Access and set up with an open source program but I lost the battle. It amazes me how entrenched people are with MSFT even though there are free alternatives that work as well or better.


  2. G,

    You are absolutely correct on all points here. Microsoft capitalized early on and it became the business model for Office Suites (and many other apps and services). It is not a bad thing, but it is a costly thing.



  3. Hi Rick,

    I use LibreOffice, a fork of OpenOffice. It’s free, no need for Microsoft.

    I must say I don’t like to think of doing everything on-line. Someone else controls it. It’s mine, I want to own it, access it whenever I want, share it only if I want to. Are these Google on-line applications truly secure?


    1. Paul,

      Great to see you here. I always welcome your comments. As much as we don’t like it, I believe we are in the midst of big change when it comes to how we do our computing. I am seeing more and more and more cloud based (online) apps. I am wondering, at some point, if we will be able to get away from it; unless, you’re an old dog like me and prefer the way we are doing it. Yes, putting it out there online is probably not a good fit in our eyes and there is question (because we know), “just how secure is this?”. Really when it comes to computers, I find, nothing is secure, whether it is on our own PCs, at work or online. I am learning more and more to encrypt what I put out there. If it is something really sensitive, I do not post it online.



      1. Hi Rick,

        I agree with you when you say things are changing, I’m all for change. I just don’t think that because everyone is doing it makes ‘it’ a good thing.

        I think it’s pretty apparent these companies are pushing their ‘great’ online applications because they will ultimately own all our information; (after all, isn’t possession nine tenths of the law?). Hell, we will have willingly given them that information.

        The internet has given so many people freedom, and now the corporations are slowly eroding those freedoms, in the guise of ‘all you could ever want or need to be happy and have a great life’ applications. Are we really so gullible? Oh yes, FaceBook anyone?



  4. I think for non-power users, like G and most people, Google Docs is perfect. It takes just a bit of getting used to, but worth it. Then there’s Google 360. I’m waiting to see how that pans out.


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