An Easy Way to Work With and Discover Google Apps

The more I dig into cloud based applications the more exciting I find it. Let’s face it, computing as we know is heading in that direction. For example, Google is a leader of online apps such as email, docs, calendars, pictures, etc… The problem is that there are so many Google Apps, and the list continues to grow, that you can find yourself getting lost. Now, if you are an everyday computer user at home, you are probably wondering what am I talking about.

I am sure you are all familiar with Google, as the search engine and most likely familiar with Google’s email service called Gmail. What you may not know about, is that Google has numerous other online apps that you can tap into that are very good and FREE. If you already have a Gmail account, then you are good to go and will be able to tap into these online apps with your current Gmail login; if not, you will have to establish an online Google account.

Of course you can visit, try and use these apps typically through your Gmail account (such as email, calendar, docs, YouTube, etc…). To make this really simple for you I found an online service called Gpanion that is specifically designed as a launcher for Google apps.


Simply visit the Gpanion website and click on the app you desire to launch. Pay special attention to the tab labelled “More”. Click on that and you will be surprised with the number of apps available. Also, by clicking on the “Search” tab you can perform a variety of different type of Google searches. Gpanion is a nice idea, simple, works and gives you a nice array of all of the Google apps currently available, in one convenient place.


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