Experience the Best of Both Worlds – Google and Bing

You can now tap into the search engine power of Google and Bing, at the same time, using and online app called Qrobe.


I have featured other combo search engines like Panabee and Goog-a-who, where the search results are displayed in a side-by-side (dual pane) interface using a variety of search engines. Qrobe is different, in that when you perform a search the search results are directly and tandemly pulled from Google and Bing and displayed in the manner which we are already accustomed to (in a single pane or screen interface). Now, the really cool factor with Qrobe is that the search results are displayed in an infinitely scrolling list. In other words, no scrolling to the bottom, then selecting the next page; instead, you just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling; until you locate your desired result…


  • Qrobe brings together the best results from the best search engines, so you absolutely get the best results. Qrobe does not try to hide (or claim credit for) where the results came from or change the sorting in any way.
  • View your search results (both web and image searches) in an infinitely scrolling list, paging is so yesterday.
  • Qrobe does not track, analyze or profile our users or let anyone else do that. Qrobe does not set any uniquely identifiable cookies or allow any ad network cookies. Do note that searches are temporarily stored in  the qrobe web logs and we will fully cooperate with legal authorities.
  • Qrobe PowerSearch lets you get straight from your search bar to your search destination. Find a movie on Netflix (avatar /nf), a video on YouTube (inception trailer /yt), your favorite show on Hulu (office /hu), find a picture on Qrobe image search (flowers /i), or you local weather (walnut creek ca /we) right from the search bar. With 20+ power hints get to most of your favorite destinations straight from the search bar.
  • Bored? Qrobe integration with Digg and Reddit allows you to view what going on on both Digg and Reddit on one screen.
  • Peek into results or share, save, translate and shorten results with one click from the left menu.


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