Cloud Computing is More Than A Buzzword When It Comes to CloudShare

imageSteve Mallard, the lead Computer Information Technology Instructor at The Tennessee Technology Center at Shelbyville shared with me a phenomenal online service called CloudShare , that allows users (like you and me) and businesses to run full enterprise applications (and operating systems) on demand.

CloudShare is a self-service cloud platform that enables businesses to create, collaborate on and run full enterprise applications instantly and on-demand. Individuals, small teams and large enterprises use CloudShare to create virtual data centers for application development and testing,sales demos, proofs of concept, and training.

How many techies and geeksters out there have heard of virtual machines where software (installed on your PC) emulates and executes instructions like a real computer? It is like running a virtual computer inside of your physical computer. To the everyday computer user this may sound confusing and it is.

What Steve is sharing with us [click here] , through CloudShare, is the ability (for FREE) to run up to three virtual machines, in our web browser, across the internet (or in the cloud).  If you are a techie, you have to give this a try and experience this. It is phenomenal…

For example, I have not had the opportunity to play around with Microsoft Office 2010. That all changed after I signed up (for FREE) with CloudShare. One of the virtual machines I had option of selecting was a virtual machine with the Windows XP Pro operating system and Microsoft Office 2010. Through my CloudShare environment, I can actually see the Windows XP Pro desktop inside my browser and can actually run Microsoft Office 2010. Wow…

There is a whole lot more to this and I do not want to spoil what Steve has already posted.  If you are a tech I suggest to hop over to the TTC Shelbyville site and read Steve’s article, “CloudShare gives users hands-on experience for free” .


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10 thoughts on “Cloud Computing is More Than A Buzzword When It Comes to CloudShare

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  1. Rick,

    It’s a great concept. They want my cell number to enable registration? That’s a deal breaker.

    They should have the courtesy to disclose this requirement up front. The failure to do so, makes them look less than professional.

    One thing I absolutely do NOT want, is my cell number out in the wild blue of the Internet. My land line – maybe. My cell – no way!

    As you said in a recent comment at Tech for Everyone – “nothing is sacred or safe on the internet”. I couldn’t agree more – which is why I refused to provide my cell number, and rejected this offer out of hand.



    1. Hi Rick,
      You can rest assure, I think you wrote a great post and I hope we continue to stand up to your expectations.

      I’m the VP Products for CloudShare and would be glad to help an answer any concern or question on our product, location, SMS , privacy and so on.

      Please drop me an email and I’ll be glad to call or email you back.


      1. @ Ophir Kra-Oz,

        Requiring a cell phone number in order to complete registration, is not acceptable. As an IT security professional, I would caution any of my clients against accepting such an arrangement.


  2. Rick,

    I don’t suspect that you’ve made a mistake. I’m just particularly sensitive to divulging my cell number, for any reason, on the Net – not only due to security.

    On a previous occasion, I signed up for a similar offer that required my land line number – which I provided. Shortly thereafter, I received a phone call from the company on a Sunday night, just after 8 PM – if you can imagine.

    I won’t get into the context of the conversation, but I think they could hear me all the way to California – without the telephone.

    So, no phone numbers to any of these companies – for any reason.



  3. Do NOT trust these guys. Know where you’re sticking your data. False Wiki articles claim that CloudShare is US based and backed by Google and Apple. But, that just doesn’t smell right, with Cloudshare pushing Windows Server OS, and Windows XP and Windows 7; you’d figure they’d be pushing Chrome and some form of Linux. So, you dig a little further, and find out (whois lookups) that CloudShare is actually based in Israel. With all the fall-out yet to be seen for WikiLeaks, who’d want some shmuck at the state dept or state govt level to start pushing real data into CloudShare?? Who’d want their HR/payroll dept to start using this, and putting all of YOUR payroll records in cyberspace? You have to ask yourself, why would somebody give you access to something like this for free? The answer – they want your private information. Cloudshare? More like Cloudscare. STAY AWAY. THINK about what you’re doing.


    1. Bill Kelly,

      Thanks for the comment… I am going to research further. The FREE part is for three virtual machines; then, there is the “pay” part. I personally plan to put none of my data out there on this. Like Bill Mullins’ I am “now” concerned about the cell phone number where they sent me a text with the registration. We are entering another dimension of computing, security, privacy, etc… where we do have to be careful.



      1. Rick,

        After an email back and forth with Ophir Kra-Oz of CloudShare, I’m satisfied the company has legitimate business reasons for requiring registration completion by cell phone.

        It speaks highly of the company, that they would address an issue raised in Blog comments.



      2. Bill,

        I’m going to start calling you “Hound Dog Bill”… Thanks for watching my back on this and it is good to see your endorsement. I really, really do appreciate it! Now give Cloudshare a whirl. I was truly amazed.



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