Guard Against Viruses, Spyware, and Other Malicious Software

If you are looking for security software to protect your PC that runs quietly and efficiently in the background (AND IS FREE), then look no further than Microsoft Security Essentials.

If you are a current user of Microsoft Security Essentials, be advised that Version 2.0 has been released. You can upgrade by either waiting for the upgrade to come to you (via the automatic updates) or you can download and manually install the upgraded version from [ HERE ] . If you go the manual route, the installation will automatically detect if you are upgrading or performing a full install.

The good about Microsoft Security Essentials is that it is a Microsoft based product that provides real-time protection for your home PC that guards against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials since its’ inception and I can personally attest that it is doing an excellent job in protecting my PCs.  It is very easy to use (and understand) and performs in a manner where it will not bog (slow) down your PC.

Microsoft Security Essentials

If you have a desire to give Microsoft Security Essentials a try, I highly recommend you remove the antivirus software you currently have installed on your PC.  To assist with the complete removal of any exisiting security software on your PC, I recommend using AppRemover to assist with the uninstall and removal process.


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14 thoughts on “Guard Against Viruses, Spyware, and Other Malicious Software

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  1. I started using this on customers computers earlier this year in combination with Avast but have since discontinued the Avast as I have a sneaky feeling there are some conflicts occurring since the latest versions of MSE. When my Avast Pro expires I’m switching to MSE on my work computer – yes, business users can use MSE as well for Free…the computer just requires a valid copy of Windows to be installed.

    MSE does a very fast scan and has a simple user interface that even novice computer users can understand.

    As a backup I install the Free version of Malwarebytes and ask the user to run a quick scan weekly. One great new feature of the latest version of MBAM is that it will automatically prompt you to update if it’s been 5 or more days so no more having to go to the update tab first then back to the scan tab. This was a problem before for many users as it opens to the scan tab by default and they would forget to update with the newest definitions.

    And of course last but certainly not least use WinPatrol.

    Merry Christmas and here’s to staying Malware free in 2011.


  2. Big Geek Daddy,

    I like your strategy and WHY? It is the same exact layers of protection (MSSE, Malwarebytes, WinPatrol)that I use and recommend. Also for Browser Protection I use Web of Trust. Thank you for sharing your recommendations, experience and expertise.



  3. Hopefully, this is not off topic, but I have various thoughts about this subject matter.

    1) Shouldn’t there also be a firewall which provides outbound and inbound protection? While MSE seems to be a great product it does not afford any firewall protection.

    I know that Bill Mullins highly recommends Zonealarm Free as being the least intrusive and very protective. Outpost is touting the first Free Complete Internet Protection Suite which seems very good, in my limited experience.

    2) Another strategy I use on my computer is to dual boot into another operating system and use a completely different product to do a system scan (ie, Windows 7 with Norton AV or Windows XP with MSE). In this manner, if there is a problem with one OS you can do a scan of the entire system with the other OS without an active infection interfering with the scan.

    3) Finally, for those completely concerned about infection, download and burn several rescue disks from various AV vendors (ie Avida/ AVG/ Kaspersky/Bitdefender to name a few) before you have an infection. You can then boot off these disks (typically using some variant of Linux) update the virus signatures online and then do a complete system scan which should clean the system.


    1. SE,

      Yes, if we covered the entire spectrum of protecting a PC, a “firewall” is a must. The other layers you have in place are excellent examples to follow. Dual boot OS is a little on the techie side for most; BUT, hey your strategy is well thought out. Thank you for providing such a wonderful analogy on this. This would make for a great article…



  4. With the major pressure you and Bill put on me to switch to MSE, I finally did about 6 months ago and can only say great things about MSE. Highly recommend!


  5. Does this update fix the horrible use of memory on windows 7 64 bit systems? Last time I installed MSE it used 50,000 K constantly, not to mention high CPU usage. This was the main issue I had with MSE. For instance, when I opened Firefox, or some other program, the MSE proccess would briefly use up from 10% to 50% CPU. Of course that slows down the startup of the programs that I’m trying to use. Unless this is fixed, I’m sticking with AVG free.


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