A FREE Desktop Reminder Utility for Google Calendar

As I continue to experiment with the various cloud based applications that are available through Google, I recently began using Google Calendar to schedule the events in my life. I have used (and tested) numerous personal information managers and must say if you are looking for a way to manage your life events, on the cheap, then consider Google Calendar as an option.

There are many ways to sync your Google Calendar with apps that are available, say for mobile phones, but there really is not much I could find that allows me to sync my Google Calendar straight away from my computer’s desktop. In other words I was looking for something, hopefully a portable app, that I could use offline to add or delete events; however, when I went back online, my events would automatically become synced with my Google Calendar. I also like the idea of having an offline app that would serve as a backup to my calendar in the event the Google service or my account suddenly went south.

One app that I found, that works very nicely and meets the criteria l had set forth of being FREE, PORTABLE, with SYNCHRONIZATION features is a small application called GMinder.


GMinder is a reminder program that waits in your system tray and alerts you when you have an upcoming Google Calendar event. GMinder supports multiple calendars and allows you to configure how you want to be alerted. Since it downloads your events, it works offline and enables you to preview your agenda of events. New events can be added to your Google Calendars using a Quick Add feature.

I am still testing GMinder and found that it is really a nice utility that really serves a good purpose; however, my only concern at this point is whether the development cycle of GMinder is continuing or not. The last release was July 2009.  Irregardless, at the moment, it is working for me and serves a real purpose.

If you are aware of any FREE apps out there that will sync with Google Calendar, let us know by leaving a comment below.  As always, to my readers, thank you and comment often.  I love hearing from you!


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  1. VueMinder Calendar Lite is also free and syncs with Google Calendar. It has day, week, and month views – along with a plethora of options on how those should appear (far more options than provided by Google Calendar).

    There’s also an optional desktop calendar component, allowing you to see your Google Calendar directly on your Windows desktop.

    It appears the software is also still being actively updated and the developer is very responsive to feedback and suggestions.

    You can learn more here:


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