Send a Text Message to Google to Get Search Results

Data plans for mobile phones are typically not in the range of affordability for everyone.  If you do not have a data plan and you wish you could have at least the capability of getting the weather, movies, product information, driving directions, phone listings, and more; THEN you are in for a surprise.  Almost all mobile phone plans offer text messaging as an included or add-on service. Text Messaging is typically the common term used for SMS (Short Message Service).  With your text messaging service did you know that you can text message Google to conduct a search query and Google will determine the information and text the top results back to you?  Once you get the hang of it; it is nearly as quick as lightning.

Here’s how it works…  Enter this number into your mobile phone: 466453 . It is the number to Google SMS. Then follow the instructions at the Google SMS website [ HERE ] .  I think you will be quite surprised to what information you can pull down using Google SMS. With Google’s SMS Service and Microsoft’s FREE 411 Service, that was recently featured here, you will be amazing your friends and family in no time.

Google SMS

Reminder: Handset must be SMS capable and user must be authorized to use this device. This service is free from Google but message & data rates may apply.


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