Calculate More with the Windows 7 Calculator

Most of us who have been around the various versions of Windows are familiar with the calculator that is included with Windows. As a result, we have become complacent and have not noticed that in Windows 7 the calculator is that and a whole lot more.

Windows 7 Calculator

Did you know that with the Windows 7 calculator you can do various unit conversions, such as celsius to farenheit, joules to BTUs, and much, much more?  Also included are templates that can help you compute fuel economy, mortgage payments and even auto lease payments.

How do you find these hidden calculator options?

Pull up the calculator in Windows 7, by clicking on “Start”, “Accessories”, then “Calculator”. Once the actual calculator interface is before you, click on “View” and you will see options for “Unit Conversions”, “Date Calculations”, and “Worksheets”.

Windows 7 Calculator

What are“Worksheets”? Click on it and you will find a hidden dropdown menu surprise that will allow you to calculate “Mortgage”, “Vehicle Lease”, and “Fuel Economy” computations.

Windows 7 Calculator


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