An Awesome Web-Based Sticky Notes Service

Years ago when I first experienced electronic sticky notes, I thought WOW…  No more paper notes hanging around my computer monitor.  Most electronic sticky note programs require a software installation to work; until now!  As a result of cloud computing, a web-based virtual sticky notes program, called Linoit, was born. After setting up an account (for FREE) with Linoit, you can access your sticky notes anywhere there is internet service. Linoit works directly from your web browser within a moveable “canvas” (where you can use your own background image), which is like a user specific bulletin board-like area. With this Linoit you can even share sticky notes with others.


There are so many features and options with this program that I encourage to visit the website [ HERE ] ; HOWEVER, there is one feature with Linoit that I think is really cool. Once you sign up for your account, get the “linoit anywhere” bookmarklet. Click on the “lino anywhere” bookmarklet anywhere, anytime, from any website and if you are signed into your Linoit account, your sticky notes will magically appear (overlay with transparent background) on the the page you are visiting. I can’t say I have seen anything like this with any other cloud computing service.  Also, if you use Google Chrome, you can install Linoit as a Chrome app [ HERE ] .

If you would like to experience Linoit to see what it is like, you can visit Linoit’s public sticky notes “HOW TO” board [ HERE ] .  Kudos to Linoit for making an ingenious web-based sticky notes program.


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