Glide Through the News with HuffPost NewsGlide

We all have our preferences when it comes to reading the current  news on the internet, whether it  be visiting the news sites directly or reliance on RSS news feeds.

One of my favorite “go to” news sites, is the sometimes controversial Huffington Post. If you are not familiar with the Huffington Post, it is an excellent aggregate news source that provides news in a broad range of categories (such as politics, media, business, entertainment, living, style, the green movement, world news, comedy, news, blogs, and original content). As a matter of fact there is so much news on the Huffington Post that it is hard to keep up with it, until now.

Using current advancements in web page and web browser technology, Huffington Post has come up with an unique “glide type” interface, called HuffPost NewsGlide that makes reading the news ultra fast.

The graphic representation below really does not provide a full visual representation of how HuffPost NewsGlide works; therefore it is best to visit the site to really experience it.

HuffPost NewsGlide

When you visit the site, you will see horizontal visual strips of news stories in different categories. If you have a mouse with a mouse wheel, which is most common these days, you can hover the mouse pointer over one of the strips and rotate the mouse wheel to glide through the various news stories.  If you prefer to not use the mouse wheel, you will see navigation arrows appear on the screen when you place the mouse pointer to the right side of one of the news strips. Once you find a news story that interests you, click on it and the story will load to the right side of the browser window.  Once you are done reading, close the news story and continue gliding.


Constantly updated
Easy navigation
Scan through the latest headlines
Flip through sections
Quick read articles
Social sharing functions
Pull up article comments in one click


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