Can you buy online storage space from Google?

I was recently asked the question, “Can you buy online storage space from Google?”.  The answer is YES.

Google has been generous in providing online storage space for a variety of their FREE products; however, FREE storage space is specific to each product and FREE storage from one product cannot be used by or transferred to another product.  For example:

Picasa Web Albums offers 1 GB of storage for photos and videos only.

Gmail provides 7+ GB (and counting) which is reserved just for Gmail messages.

Docs gives you 1 GB for your uploaded files (documents created in Google Docs and converted files don’t count towards your storage, but do have some size limitations).

If you have a Google Gmail account and are using any of the applications I previously mentioned you can determine how much online space you are currently consuming in any of these applications by clicking on the graphic below:

Manager Storage

Where you can overcome these restrictions, and store it all, is by purchasing additional storage from Google that allows you to share the space between all of your Google applications. As a matter of fact, with the Google Operating System on the horizon, I can see people purchasing additional space; especially if this online operating system takes hold and they come up with their own file syncing tools.

Cost for additional space:

20 GB – $5/yr
80 GB – $20/yr
200 GB – $50/yr
400 GB – $100/yr
1 TB – $256/yr
2 TB – $512/yr
4 TB – $1024/yr
8 TB – $2048/yr
16 TB – $4096/yr

Also from what I have researched, the storage level you purchase is set to auto-renew (or auto pay), by default, at the end of the year. You can upgrade or downgrade the storage level anytime.  If you opt out of the annual auto renewal billing cycle, and let your subscription expire, the following will occur:

After your storage expires (including the 30-day grace period) or after you cancel the subscription, your storage limits will be set back to the free levels for each product. All of your existing data (photos, emails, uploaded files) will still be accessible, but you won’t be able to add anything new for any product over the free storage limit. Here are the specifics:

  • Gmail (7+ GB free storage): If you’re at or beyond your storage limit, all new incoming emails will hard bounce. This means your inbox is full; you won’t receive new email.
  • Picasa Web Albums (1 GB free storage): If you’re at or beyond your storage limit, you will not be able to upload any new photos and videos.
  • Docs (1 GB free storage): If you’re at or beyond your storage limit, you will not be able to upload any new files.

So if you are big on using Google’s applications, as indicated in this article, and want to keep everything under one roof, then purchasing additional space may be feasible [ click here ]; however, keep in mind there other FREE options out there. (i.e. SkyDrive 25GB FREE)


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    1. JobinMartin,

      It is interesting to see how Google has a strategy in lining this all up; heading toward their operating system. I am doing more and more cloud based apps and finding it is great.



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