Google Docs Improves the Experience of Exploring Your Files

Today Google made an announcement that users of Google Docs will see an update to their Google Docs account that will feature a new document list layout, added filtering features to find your files and; (the really cool part) a preview panel on the right side of the document list, so that you can see a preview thumbnail, your “sharing settings” and more at a glance.

Google Docs

This update hit my Google Docs account today and I have to say I am very, very impressed with the document list layout; and, especially impressed with the document previewing. I have been extensively using Google Docs to get a good handle on the feel of using the included apps, so as to advise the readers of the blog.

As we continue down this road of cloud computing, the only factor that concerns me is the security of our files. If I know Google and their innovative approach of bringing this all together, I look to see some type of security options available to protect our files in such a way to raise our comfort level a little more.

If you want to read the full scoop on the new features to Google Docs,


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