Windows 7 – Powerful and Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

Recently, a blogging associate, Steve at Scronocolo contacted me to let me know that he had posted an article about “Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts”. Following that article Steve thoroughly researched and posted a second “how to” article titled; “Going Mouseless or How to Use a PC With a Keyboard”, that he asked I share with you.

Keyboard Shortcuts

I did not realize that built into Windows 7 there is an option available, that that will allow you to use the numeric keypad, on your keyboard, to control the movement of the mouse pointer. This may prove helpful in the event your mouse suddenly stops working and you need to navigate around to fix problems.

Reading Steve’s article, he also shares with us the most powerful and useful keyboard shortcuts that are useful in Windows 7. Pretty cool article!  Take a look at it [ HERE ].


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