Browse More Efficiently with ezLinkPreview -A Google Chrome Extension

One of my daily reads is Bill Mullins’ Weblog – Tech Thoughts. Bill recently featured an article about a browser add-on for Firefox called CoolPreviews, that in my opinion is a must have add-on.

Per Bill’s article, CoolPreviews is a Picture-in-a-Picture free Browser add-on, that lets you preview links and rich media content, without clicking the link, or leaving the current page.

I do use Firefox; however, I use Google Chrome as my primary browser; and CoolPreviews does not work with Chrome. After reading Bill’s article, “Surf Smarter – Take A Sneak Peek At Links With CoolPreviews Firefox Add-on” and playing around with CoolPreviews in Firefox I did some follow-up research to see if someone may have developed a similar add-on or extension for Google Chrome.

Guess what, I hit the jackpot and found there is in fact a similar add-on (or browser extension) for Google Chrome called ezLinkPreview.


ezLinkPreview will track down any http link on a page and when you hover your mouse on a link a small “ez” icon will appear.  Place your mouse pointer on the icon and the web page link will open into an adjustable preview window. Talk about making your browsing experience more efficient.  This is just plain downright awesome!

I thank Bill for pointing out the Firefox add-on, called CoolPreview, to us and for enticing me to look for a similar Google Chrome add-on (extension), called ezLinkPreview.  You will not regret installing either of these browser add-ons.


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