Gain Added Protection On Your PC with Immunet

Bill Mullins’ at Tech Thoughts, who was actually one of the people to get me started in blogging, recently posted an article about an exciting security product called Immunet 3.0, that I encourage you to read.


I’m not going to get into great detail about Immunet because I want you to read Bill’s article first; but, I will tell you this, I installed Immunet on all of my PC’s; AND what is so cool about this security application (that will help protect your PC) is that it is a “companion security product”.  What this means is that it is engineered to run alongside your other security products. For example, I am now using Immunet alongside Microsoft Security Essentials, which is my primary level of protection. From my initial testing I can’t even tell it is on my system due it uses miminal system resources. My gut is telling me that this is definitely a security product to consider.

If you want good insight on this security product (which is totally FREE), read Bill’s article about Immunet 3.0 [ HERE ] .


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