A Cool Site to Test the Strength of Your Passwords

A hot subject with me here of late is people and their passwords. I have been in the world of computing for years and to this day people still are using weak passwords. As a matter of fact, I recently was assisting someone with their computer and they forgot a password to a program they were using. After some basic questioning, I was able  through the process of deduction to guess the password and access the program. They really thought I had done something magical, when in fact the only magic was me knowing that the great majority of people use simple passwords and it is something that usually relates to the profile of the person. Knowing what I know when it comes to people and their passwords, it is common practice for people to write their passwords down (which can be a good thing); but, the bad with this is that they will post the password list in the vicinity of their computer. It is the same mentality as hiding your house key under the door mat. When I was managing a network, if I came across a post-it note attached to the users computer monitor or desk with a password, I would deliberately take the post-it note with the hope the user would call me to gain access to their computer. When they did call, an education they did receive.

If you want to know how weak or strong your passwords are, click on the graphic below and you will be directed to the site, “How Secure Is My Password?” The objective of this site is to point out that if you use words typically found in the dictionary, you will eventually become a victim where your account (or accounts) will be compromised. In all of my years of computing, this is TRUE!; especially if your accounts are internet based.

How Secure Is My Password?


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4 thoughts on “A Cool Site to Test the Strength of Your Passwords

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    1. Efreak,

      Yes, the site is not only attractive, the testing and the test results is presented in such a manner that it will make sense to anyone. Great to have you drop by and comment… Keep those “awesome” wallpapers coming.



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