Entanglement – A New Twist In Online Gaming

You have to give this game a try.  It is called Entanglement and you play it in your web browser.

I was not able to find any specific instructions, but once you play around with it you will become submersed in the gameplay.  It may have something to do with the mesmerizing background music and the fact that Entanglement is just plain challenging (and fun).


The game looks like a honeycomb and if you notice in the above graphic of Entanglement you will see a gray hexagon area and a brownish red hexagon area (called the wall). The gray area is the playing area where you will receive tiles with squiggly lines (called paths) on them. When you receive a tile you can rotate the tiles with your mouse scroll wheel or the arrow keys on your keyboard. The objective is to connect the squiggly lines on the tiles to create a path and not come in contact with the red hexagon area (called the wall). Points are accumulated as you play. This game is new to me and I am still learning, but I have found it is not easy and requires strategic thinking on your part.  Really tests my short attention span : )

Note: Entanglement is engineered using HTML5. That means you will need an HTML5 compatible browser (such as the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari or the beta of Internet Explorer 9).


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7 thoughts on “Entanglement – A New Twist In Online Gaming

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  1. This game resembles Knightfall -one of my all-time favs and in which I’m the points record holder. Entanglement must indeed be as riveting and fun.

    Hey Rick, I miss Geek Squeaks but I understand that it’s too much work for you.


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