Wordsquared – A Massively Multiplayer Online Scrabble Type Word Game

Do you like to play the word game scrabble?  If so, then you will love Wordsquared.


Wordsquared is a word strategy game that you play from inside your web browser and the cool part about Wordsquared is that it is a scrabble type game that you continuously play until you are blocked in by others.  Once you setup your account to play, you can return to play anytime and continue where you left off.  The words that you play will be in black letters and you can only play off of your string of words.  Words played by others are faded out.  Also, to the top right of the playing board you will see a mapping guide to see where all the word traffic is going.  The board is moveable and if you get lost in your positioning, just click on your score and one of the words you created to navigate to that word position on the board.

Wordsquared – General Rules:

You start by extending a word that’s already on the board. However you then can only build off previous words that you’ve played. It’s meant to be challenging, but the reward is being able to look back on how far you built a single chain of words before running out of usable tiles, or getting blocked off by someone else’s chain.

When you can no longer find a word to play, just click “Swap Tiles” to get some new letters. This will cost you a life. Once you run out of lives, your final game score is calculated. However feel free to close the browser and come back later. We’ll save your game for you. If you’re good enough, a single game never has to end!


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