FREE -YouTube Song and Video Downloader

Abelssoft, a software developer out of Germany, has released software that will seamlessly allow you to download music and music videos from YouTube directly to your PC.  You can search (and download) individual songs, albums and videos.

YouTube Song Downloader

The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to easily download music of your favourite band as MP3 or video and it’s 100% legal. Simply type in the name of a song and click on download to get it. Our new software will care about the rest.

The downloaded songs (and albums) are converted to the popular MP3 format and the videos can be coverted to the AVI, FLV or MP4 file formats. The user interface for this application is very user friendly and easy to understand.


YouTube Song Downloader

To use YouTube Song Downloader, simply type in a song title into the search field and click the search button. You will see the results immediately. The YouTube Song Downloader can access millions of music files. Simply select an entry and click the play button to get things going… You can download music files (MP3) or videos (FLV, AVI, MP4). The YouTube Song Downloader allows you to get a clean and informative overview about the download status at any time.


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9 thoughts on “FREE -YouTube Song and Video Downloader

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  1. WHATTTT?!?!? This ROCKS, Rick! Thank you! I was recently frustrated by unsuccessfully trying to download music from CD’s I purchased in order to add them to my MP3 player! Yipppeee! This will be more than adequate!



  2. So this is absolutely free right? No hidden fees for anything and I don’t have to download other stuff with it? Cause I keep coming across stuff like that. Also, there isn’t a chance I could get any type of virus? I absolutely can not afford something like that. Sorry if this is long I just get paranoid about my computer.


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