Windows 7 Service Pack 1 – Be Patient During the Install

You may have been hearing that Microsoft released a Service Pack update for Windows 7 (called Service Pack 1).  To determine if your Windows 7 PC is ready to receive this update, click on “Start”, click on “Run”, then type “wuapp” in the dialog box and click “OK”. This will take you directly to the Windows Update applet in the Control Panel. From there you can view your update history and determine what updates are available (i.e. important updates and optional updates). The Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update will be under the “important updates”. It is from there you can launch the installation of Service Pack 1.

Windows Update

Now, the thing to keep in mind, is that Service Pack updates often can take some time to install; therefore, do not fall  for the sense that the install process is hanging. Just be patient and let the install do its’ magic. It is not uncommon for Service Packs to take over 30 minutes to install and the end result often requires a reboot.

You can also download the Service Pack directly from Microsoft from [HERE] ; however, my advice is to go the Windows Update route with this’; especially if it is a home based PC.

Compared to Service Pack updates for previous operating system (such as Windows XP and Vista), the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 update is a piece of cake and is important to install to smooth out any rough edges in the operating system. The good about Windows 7 is that there are very few rough edges.

Another article to help you get though this service pack update can be found [HERE] .


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10 thoughts on “Windows 7 Service Pack 1 – Be Patient During the Install

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  1. There’s an expert who says that the best thing would be to wait for MS to directly offer SP1 to us. But I trust all your suggestions so I’ll this your new one. Thanks Rick.


  2. Just installed the service pack on my 64 bit Windows 7 machine. Installation was faster than xp and vista service packs from the past. Took about 10 minutes to install. Not noticed any performance increases or obvious changes.


  3. Serv Pac Update to Windows 7 64 bit Oper Sys takes for ever to install; finally worked; after 9 attempts, 8 of which were failed updates. Total time 12 hours.

    MS Serv Pack “automagic” Update(s) are a “Tower of Babble”!

    Before all was said, and done, I had to run
    (use GOOGLE/YAHOO/ASK to find specifics)
    1) MS HOTFIX for Windows 7 64 bit and
    2) MS Fix-It Update TroubleShooter than
    3) MS Visual C++ 2005 Serv Pac for a 64 bit machine.

    MS needs a software product that checks status of my computers Windows 7 software, to check for the updates my system needed, instead of the trail and error process that I had to go through, THAT TOOK 12 HOURS TO DO; when all was said and done, MS Service Pack Update is far from “:one size fits all”.

    GOOD LUCK TO ALL work their way out of the byzantine labyrinth called MS Service Pack Update.

    N P Heille Mpls MN


  4. Stupid windows updates, on a medium-end pc, it takes an of a long time to install. Some of them fail, others are like 500kb and seem like 500mb time-wise…
    My dad’s PC went nuts, so I had to format a install the OS all over again – he doesn’t really knows much about computers, so ends up downloading what he shouldn’t.
    Why the heck is the largest computer corporation have so slow and jerky update system? I mean, it took nearly 1h just to install the Service Pack for Win7(x86) and I can’t even notice any performance boost – maybe it’s just stability and security, but for sake! Took so long to install what? 300mb of data? Most people can download 20GB and install it in half the time.


  5. My computer has been attempting to install Win7 x86 SP1 for two hours now… and it’s still at 9%. (It was actually at 12% earlier – the progress is going backwards!)
    This operating system is a joke. Can’t even upgrade to 64bit without doing a full clean install. Microsoft, learn a few tricks from Apple!


  6. Windows 7 sp1 update process is a joke!!! Won’t update automatically and takes forever to find a way to do it manually. Get a grip Microsoft!!!


  7. hi guyz…….its that kinda update in which you must hav patience…… will take some time…maybe half an hour or above , so b cool and patient


  8. This Service Pack better not sneak in Update KB971033! LMAO! 😉

    I just make a funny. Hackers will get this one. LOL!


  9. i tried to install SP1 and it accidentally shutdown during process now my drive C is full and cant install it again need help


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