FREE Software to Find Your Software Product (or License) Keys

It was not too far back that I did a post on Locating Your Software License Keys that has become quite popular. In that particular article I provided several software solutions to recovering product or license keys to commercial software that you may have purchased.

Did you know that if you do a complete reinstall of the software on your PC, you will need the product license keys (or serial/registration information) for the software that you had paid for?

Since the posting of that article, I have come across another very powerful software solution to recover your software product (or license) keys called Simple Key.

Simple Key

Most people I have personally assisted with PC issues, typically lose track as to where they placed the software keys (usually an alpha and numeric string of characters) that is needed to reinstall the software. Remember, these keys is like the keys to your house; you are the only one with the key. These keys are typically assigned to you, by the software developer, and are there as a demonstration of ownership and to prevent software piracy.

Simple Key is a portable application and has the ability to scan the Windows registry and identify product keys for over 430 programs ( Supported Programs ). With Simple Key and the other apps mentioned in my previous article, titled Locating Your Software License Keys, you have a pretty good shot of recovering those product (or license) keys.


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