One of the Best – Quick Cliq Menu Based Application Launcher

Quick Cliq application launcher is one of the most productive menu based application launchers I have ever experienced. When the developers of Quick Cliq say they can speed up your daily computer activities, they aren’t kidding. This application launcher is all about productivity…

What you do with this little powerhouse is build your own customized menu, with menu items, that can link to just about anything you can think of (i.e. folders, files, programs, web site links, etc.).  Below is an example where I have started building my own Quick Cliq menu. As you can see, it looks like a typical menu and is nothing fancy; but read further to see where the power is.


What makes Quick Cliq standout is that the menu is hidden and can be activated (made to appear) on your screen without ever taking your hand off of your mouse. You may have heard the term “point and shoot”; well, Quick Cliq is “drag and shoot”. For example, wherever my mouse pointer is located, if I hold down the right mouse button and drag the mouse slightly downward, the Quick Cliq menu will appear. You then simply single click on the menu item you desire. Quick Cliq is extremely resource friendly and can operate well on even the oldest and slowest machines running Windows XP – Windows 7.

There is a slight learning curve to using Quick Cliq and you really have to explore and play around with the program to really appreciate it. There are additional features that I have not even covered that are very useful and unique to this program.

I currently have some of the fanciest customized menus and dock programs on my PC that look great, but what I am finding with Quick Cliq is that it is a very sensible and productive tool that is hard to put down.


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6 thoughts on “One of the Best – Quick Cliq Menu Based Application Launcher

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    1. Pavel,

      My pleasure to review software from developers that are good at what they do. I am a software lover and really enjoy this stuff. Keep up the great work. You now have a follower of Quick Cliq.



  1. Thanks so much for reviewing our application!
    It is always nice to hear when someone really enjoys what you have spent many hours creating.
    If you or your readers have any suggestions for Quick Cliq please head over to the website or use the feedback feature directly in the app to let us know. We are always open for suggestions. In fact many of the newer features came from ideas from our users, so we really do listen.


    1. John-Paul,

      It was my pleasure… Your hard work with Quick Cliq is paying off. Very nicely done. I will be following the development cycle with great excitement.

      Thank you,



  2. Because of this post, you reminded me that I already have this app but haven’t used yet (one of many) lol. And now you tempted me to try it which I will do.


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