Geek Squeak (#104) – Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

Big Geek Daddy, who is a member of the What’s On My PC blogroll, is worthy of Geek Squeak #104. Big Geek Daddy, who is one man show, created a site to share useful information about computers and using the Internet as well as a diverse selection of videos.

A video on his site really caught my attention and may be helpful to anyone owning a motorcycle. It is a very unique (and attractive) motorcycle garage door opener. The remote is actually built into the horn. The remote in this case was built for a a BMW; however, it is my understanding that it can be modified (with some coaxing) to work with a Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki. I believe Harley riders may be out of luck with this modification.

Motorcycle Garage Door Opener
Motorcycle Garage Door Opener

To get a look see at this marvel of technology [ CLICK HERE ] and remember  Who’s Your Geek Daddy?


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