Geek Squeak (#106): Your Computer May Be Infected and You May Not Even Know It

imageI noticed today on the TTC Shelbyville site an article titled, “There’s Nothing Wrong With My Computer” that was an attention grabber and is worthy of a Geek Squeak. The article is a good description of how “most people” think there is nothing wrong with their computer, until a computer tech performs a security scan of the computer (using up-to-date security software) only to find that the computer is poisoned with malware. In this case, based on the picture illustrations in the article, the PC was infected and appeared that it had not been defragged (or maintained); probably never.

The meat of the article are the steps that are taken AND recommended (portable) software to use to clean the computer of the infection. I encourage you to take a look at these steps to get an idea what is involved with “trying” to clean a PC that has been poisoned by malware. I have assisted people with cleaning up malware infections and it is a very time consuming process. I can tell you this, if you take your PC to a shop for have a malware infection removed, do not be shocked when you get a bill of $150 or more. Personally, if it was my own PC, I would probably do a reformat and reinstall of the OS.

My point with this article is to “heighten your awareness” and to encourage you to keep your computer running smoothly by keeping your security software up to date and to perform periodic FULL scans. I find many people buy PC’s with the baited short term subscriptions to Norton and McAfee and then let the subscription expire leaving there computer at high risk for infection.


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