Detect Suspicious System Behaviors with HiJack Hunter

HiJack Hunter is very impressive computer technician type tool that is designed to comprehensively scan, gather data and generate a log file about your computer that may be helpful when you experience suspicious system behavior. This tool is for purely for someone that has comprehensive knowledge of the workings of the Windows operating system and the ability to scan a log file for problems (and know what they are looking for).

A powerful part of HiJack Hunter is the ability to restore all system parameters that are commonly hijacked by spyware and trojans.  It is quite possible with this utility to restore (back to norma)l  the task manager, regedit, cmd, userinit registry key, system restore, safe mode, IE settings, and IE urls. You can also manage hosts files, registry startup entries and boot files with HiJack Hunter.

HiJack Hunter

Here is a sampling of what areas HiJack Hunter will scan and other features:

Generic System Information
Running Processes
Loaded Modules
TCP Connections
Registry Startups
Startup Folders
TCPIP Nameservers
Internet Explorer Settings
Programs allowed in Windows Firewall
Ports allowed in Windows Firewall
Windows Hijacks
Winlogon Notify
Shell Open Commands
Browser Helper Objects (BHOs)
Executables in Temp folder
Executables in suspicious folders
Files created 7, 15 and 30 days ago
Hidden files in suspicious folders
Executables in Internet Explorer Folder
Drivers -> FSFilter Anti-Virus
Custom files listing
Custom Registry Keys and Values Dump
Exclude Microsoft System Files
HOSTS File Manager
Windows Tools
Restore Safe Mode
Restore System Hijacks
Restore Startup Hijacks
Restore IE URLs
Restore IE Hijacks
Reduce memory usage
Exclusion List
Startup files manager
Boot Files manager
Work in background
Kernel Mode Info
Ring3 API Hooks


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4 thoughts on “Detect Suspicious System Behaviors with HiJack Hunter

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  1. Hey Rick,

    I’ve been testing this for a few weeks and there’s no doubt – this is a very serious tool. Definitely only for very highly experienced users.

    I’ll have to hold the review I wrote for a couple of weeks, so that we don’t overlap. 🙂



  2. I have tried to run Highjack Hunter three times on my HP dv 9820 us laptop (Win 7 SP1, 4 GB RAM, AMD Turion 2.1 GHz CPU, Zone Alarm Extreme Security Anti-malware, c able-connected). Regrettably, I have yet to have it complete the process. The first two times I aborted after several hours. The third time, even after ten hours of processing, the process appears to have failed again (although Windows Task Manager shows the process still running). The Notepad windows appears, but there is no content in it. The processing window stops at exactly the point depicted in your screen shot above.
    I would be most grateful for any assistance in this matter.
    Appreciaively, Arbyem


    1. Bruce,

      Thinking out loud here, I have to wonder if the other Security Software is causing a conflict;thus, preventing HiJack Hunter from completing its’ scan process. Also, go to the developer’s site and present this same question or scenario to them.



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