How to Easily Backup All of Your Google Doc Files To Your Computer

Recently we all read where some folks who had Gmail accounts went to open their accounts and their email was gone. Google subsequently went to work to rectify the problem; however it put a scare into everyone that uses the variety of Google services (such as Google’s online storage for documents, pictures, files, etc…).

One area that I had a concern for was my Google Docs. I use Google Docs for a variety of purposes and my opinion it is an awesome option to storing, managing and editing documents online. It keeps getting better and better; however, it would put a crimp in things in the event I found all my documents missing.

An option, and habit to get into, is to periodically backup your Google Docs.  How do you do this?

  1. Simply pull up the listing of your Google Doc files.
  2. Using your mouse pointer highlight (do not click) any of the files. As you are highlighting a file in the list, you will see on the right side of the highlight bar, the word “Actions” appearing.
  3. Click on “Actions” and a dropdown menu will appear.  Click on “Download” on that menu.
  4. When you click on “Download”, the following box (see below) will appear. In that box, click on “All items” tab. At that point you have some really neat options to download your documents. You can download them, “as is” or convert them all to the MS-Office format, the Open Office format or the Adobe PDF format. When ready, click on “Download”.

Convert and Download

You are only permitted to download up to 2 GBs at a time and the files will be packaged into what is called a zip file. If you have a large file cache stored on Google Docs and you do not want to wait, Google Docs can automatically email you with a web link when the files are all zipped up and ready for download.

Zipping Files

If you are a user of Google Docs, this is a good habit to get into and can save your butt.


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