Extend the Cleaning Abilities of CCleaner with CCEnhancer

If you use CCleaner, the highly recommended system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool then you need to also install (and run) CCEnhancer.


CCEnhancer is a small tool that will add support for over 450 new programs into CCleaner.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You must have CCleaner installed on your PC to make this work.
  2. If CCleaner is installed on your PC, download and run CCEnhancer.
  3. When you run CCEnhancer, it will download the latest definition files and automatically add it to the “Applications” section of CCleaner.


That is all there is to it; however, I do recommend running CCEnhancer on a regular basis to keep the definition files up to date or set CCEnhancer to run when your computer starts.  What I do is run CCEnhancer anytime I want to clean my PC since it will automatically prompt me to start CCleaner after downloading the new definition files.

Note: You must use the “Run As Administrator” function if running Windows 7/Windows Vista with User Account Control enabled.


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