Off Topic: Denver the Guilty Dog

If you are an animal lover (especially dogs), then you will relate to Denver the Guilty Dog who ends up in the penalty box for eating the cat’s treats. To view the video (on YouTube) simply click on Denver the Guilty Dog below.

Denver the Guilty Dog


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4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Denver the Guilty Dog

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  1. Tooooo cute! If u need a good laugh, here it is! I love pets and its so funny how u can tell if they’ve done something wrong, but this is just so halarious! I love it =D


      1. No problem… That was just way too cute,def put a smile on my face today… saw it on the news this morning & had to check it out… Loved it!!


      2. Amanda,

        Thanks for telling me that… Now I know why the hits (clicks) on my blog were so high for “Denver the Guilty Dog”… This blog is a tech blog and is the first time I posted “off topic” about a guilty mutt.



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