Monitor Firefox 4.0 Downloads in Real-Time

I thought this was pretty cool…  Mozilla has a site up where you can monitor, in real-time, the download stats of the recently released Firefox 4.0 [CLICK HERE] . The site is powered by SQLstream .

Firefox Download Stats

Interested in alternative browser other than Internet Explorer? Then take a look at Firefox 4.0 .  Good stuff!


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4 Responses to Monitor Firefox 4.0 Downloads in Real-Time

  1. Bill Mullins says:


    I’ve been running FF 4.0 for a few weeks, and I must admit, I’m pleased with it so far. About a third of my add-ons aren’t compatible yet, but in time that will be sorted out.


  2. Ramblinrick says:


    I am an avid Chrome user (1st), then Firefox (2nd) and I tell you Firefox has done a fantastic job with this. Very impressive next generation browser… Same here; add-ons crippled, but will be up soon I’m sure.


  3. Ben says:

    As of now (March 27, 3:07 CDT), there is well over 35 million downloads. I think it’s amazing to see that many downloads in less than a week:)

  4. gnana says:

    I am using Mozilla fire fox from past 3 months. I am very much pleased with its performance.

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