A Very Fast Disk Space Usage Analyzer

Ever wonder how much free disk space you have left on your computer? I am talking about the free space available on your hard disk to store files (such as photos, music, documents, etc.).

If you are the everyday casual computer user and primarily spend your computer time on the internet, I venture to say you have a ton of free disk space available and most likely will never run out; however, if you are a computer user that saves everything from videos, movies, photos, documents, etc… then you may find that your disk space is shrinking rapidly.  The problem is that most people are totally unaware of the capacity of their hard drives and how that relates to file storage.

A nice application to help you gauge where you are at in terms of disk space and to tell you where your disk space is being consumed is the FREE utility called RidNacs .


With RidNacs you can scan and analyze individual drives and folders to get a graphical bar percentage result of where the diskspace hogs are located; even down to the individual files. You can even export and print the results for future comparative analysis.


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