Download FREE Microsoft Office Training Manuals and Quick Reference Guides

I would venture to say if you are working in a business, government or educational environment you are using the Microsoft Office Suite of applications (such as Word, Excel, Access and Powerpoint) to get the job done.

Microsoft Office

Most people only know the basics of this powerful Office Suite and only challenge themselves to learn more when the the environment they are working in demands its. Any edge you can get to make your job easier, with Microsoft Office, can pay dividends in the end; not only for you, but for those you are working for.

To gain an edge with Microsoft Office, it is like anything else; you have learn it.  If you are currently looking for a resource (for FREE) that may help you get that edge, then visit the The Mouse Training Company [CLICK HERE] and check out the FREE Microsoft Office Quick Reference Guides and Training Manuals you can download. When to get to the site, slightly scroll down the page until you see the guides and manuals.  The manuals and reference guides are in the PDF file format.

The Mouse Training Company is a London based compapny that specializes in customized training solutions for its’ clients.


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