Windows Stability Center is a Rogue Anti-Spyware Program

If you are seeing the Windows Stability Center (see below) on your PC, then you are victim of malware attack that is trying to trick you into buying the full version of the program to remove bogus system threats. Do not fall for this scam and read further for removal instructions. If you are seeing this, your computer is infected.

Windows Stability Center

The reason I am bringing this to your attention is that this past week the the so-called LizaMoon “SQL injection attack” began that redirects users by exploiting web site programming errors and poorly written website code and scripts. In other words at the redirected site, users will see a warning dialog that they had been infected with malware and a link to download a fake antivirus. I know none of this makes sense to you, but a massive internet attack has occurred that is trying to scare computer users into visiting a bogus antivirus site that has infected more than an half million websites and continues to spread, according to the Internet security firm websense. [Sources: USAToday, eWeek ].  As of this writing, many of the anti-virus and anti-malware programs are not set to detect or remove this infection.

Now the magical question.  How do you remove this? I researched this issue and found removal instructions [ HERE ] .  Appears Malwarebytes Antimalware will be required to remove this pest.


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  1. Cyber-criminals have re-branded this bogus software more than 50 times in the last four months. I found the first live sample of this malware in December, it was called Privacy Guard 2010. Now it’s called Windows Passport Utility but the GUI remains pretty much the same, so you can easily recognize it. Write up: if you would like to learn more about this rogue program.



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