Web App Note – A NEW Online Sticky Notes Type Program

As I continue down the road of cloud computing I am finding myself more and more looking for (and finding) internet based apps that take the place of the software that I typically would have installed on my computer. The benefit to this is that I can access apps, such as these, from any PC that is connected to the internet. One such app, that is NEW, is called Web App Note.

Web App Note

Web App Note, is a very nicely done online sticky notes program that requires no installation and is run directly from your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). The only requirement for Web App Note is that you have a Google account in order to access and store your notes. The cool factor about Web App Note is that it is like a sticky notes program where you can store individual colored notes in tabbed categories. I currently use this program to post my reminders, to do lists and tasks.

With Web App Note You can:– drag & drop notes- change the note size- change the background color- change the font size- use advanced text formatting commands as bold, italic, underline, create lists, indent text…- copy / paste html- hyperlinks are clickable

With Web App Note You can also:– manage a todo list- upload / download files from your Dropbox- add reminders into your Google Calendar- send your notes by email- import emails as notes


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7 thoughts on “Web App Note – A NEW Online Sticky Notes Type Program

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    1. Susan,

      Changing the names on the tab is somewhat finicky. If you click on the tab name (may have to numerous times) it will allow you to change the name. I have been communicating with the developer of Web App Notes and he is in progress with coming out with updates, etc… This app will be a winner once the bugs are ironed out. I am currently using this a whole lot.



  1. Rick,
    I can add text but I cannot seem to delete the tab name ‘new’. So my tab is called ‘Worknew’

    I can live with this……..



    1. Susan,

      I just duplicated what you are describing and when I create a “new” tab, it is showing a tab labelled “new”. To delete the “new” tab, I place my mouse pointer onto the “new” tab and a small “X” appears to the right of the text. When I clicked on the “X” the tab disappeared. Now this issue may be browser specific. I’m using Google Chrome and it is working for me; however, you could be using say Internet Explorer and it is not responding properly. Web App Note is in the developing stages and will continue to improve. I see a future with this app.



  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the article, I really appreciate 🙂

    I just rolled out version 2 of web app note with a brand new layout.

    I’m currently focusing on bug fixes / enhancements that I can get from users, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some.

    Susan, I changed the tab editing method, does it work well for you now?



    1. Antoine,

      I posted a second article about your new version. Keep up the good works on this! Tab editing working here for me! Hmmm… Enhancement, let’s see… I know notes are placed in categories; however, any possibility of creating a place at the top of the note to “title individual notes”. For example, I may want a note to be titled “To Do List”, etc…



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