Geek Squeak (#110) – NEW Taskbar Organizer for Windows 7 is Coming

Typically I test any software that I write about; however, I decided to make an exception in this case due that I am excited about the development of a NEW application (called Bins).


Bins is a Windows 7 taskbar organizer, currently in beta development, that will enable you to combine related programs into a group (called a Bin). I love application launchers, but what I am seeing here is that Bins will be handling applications on the Windows 7 taskbar in a very unique and different way.

Bins was created from the concept that your programs should be quicker and easier to get to. After having created many application launchers over the years including the Dell Dock for Dell in 2007, it seemed the Windows 7 taskbar was a great step in the right direction, but lacked the powertools needed to get the job done for serious computer users. By allowing you to group programs, and allowing you to access them immediately with a simple mouseover, we think we’ve created a tool that will drastically improve how you work with your computer.

Bins is being developed by the same author of ObjectDock, the DellDock and the critically acclaimed Fences. Currently Bins is in the beta stage of developmnet and is  “invite only”.  To be considered for the beta testing of Bins, you have submit your email and leave a message. I am still patiently waiting for my invite.


Group your taskbar icons

Combine related programs on your Windows 7 taskbar into “Bins”.
Reduce clutter, and get at your programs quickly.

Super easy

Create a Bin by dragging one taskbar icon on top of another, and dropping into the popup that appears. Ungroup shortcuts by dragging the icon back to the taskbar. No need to open a settings screen; Bins is simple and intuitive.

Instantly accessible

Once combined into a Bin, your shortcuts will appear instantly when you mouse over the group’s icon, for launching or for window-management. Move your mouse away and your Bin will tuck back into the taskbar.

Pin files and folders to your taskbar

Want a favorite folder or document more easily on hand? Bins allows you to pin any file or folder to your taskbar natively.


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7 thoughts on “Geek Squeak (#110) – NEW Taskbar Organizer for Windows 7 is Coming

Add yours

  1. Cool, I’m looking forward to try it. Win7’s taskbar is pretty lame because it forces you to work in a certain way and you can’t even order the application tabs (in XP at least you could close the apps and reopen in the order you like). I use 7 Taskbar Tweaker that makes it much better.


    1. Yes, I am looking forward to it, as well. I have tried the Taskbar Tweaker (is a good app); but, for the everyday computer user it is on the geek side.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.



  2. I have been using Bins for a couple of weeks now, and it is just as good as it looks. For simplicity and utility it is hard to beat.
    It will not replace whatever launcher you are using totally, but it does allow to fit all those must-haves on the taskbar without jamming it up. I have better than halved the visible icons on the taskbar without any reduced access.
    I would say Bins is a definite keeper.


  3. I spied this last week and can’t wait to try it out. We’re finally getting a computer upgrade at work that we will ditch xp and start using 7. My wife and kids control my 7 machine at home so I don’t get much play time on it lol. My laptop which I use at home still has xp.

    Bins looks awesome though. I’m a junkie for launchers and it looks like the bees knees!!


      1. I must have missed that post. I’ll check it out as I haven’t heard of it before. I’m using rocket dock now and before that was using launchy.


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