Supplement Your Study and Understanding of God’s Word with Biblos

In the book of John (12:26) Jesus said, “If any man is my servant, let him come after me; and where I am, there will my servant be. If any man becomes my servant, my Father will give him honour.”.

I am a servant of Jesus Christ and I know there are many readers out there that are with me; however, I also know there are many who have never chanced reading the Bible (the word) or will not express their Christian stand or beliefs in fear of losing praises of men. As a matter of fact, I may lose readers here due to my stand on this and for professing the reflection of  my faith.

If you are looking to take the chance in something that will change your way and outlook on life, a good start is by reading the Bible. I know many people have tried reading the Bible and get lost in the readings and translations. I know, I am one… I struggle with it, wrestle with it, and put it down; but, then something clicks and I get consumed by reading it.

Recently, I went on the hunt for a good online Bible and Bible Study app to help me bridge the gaps that I was experiencing. What I found was simply phenomenal and has become a daily focal point for me.  It is called Biblos .


Biblos is an excellent online cloud computing bible study source that is comparable to some of the commercial Bible Study software that you install on your PC.  The good here is that it is FREE and there is nothing to install. Everything you need is there from the various translated versions of the Bible to the numerous languages which the Bible is available. It is a one stop Bible resource for Bible Study, Original Language Tools, Gospels and numerous Study Resources. There is even a mobile (smartphone) version of Biblos available.

Biblos, the Greek word for book and the first word of the New Testament, is a root of “Bible” in English and many other languages, including “Bibel” in German and “Biblia” in Latin and Spanish.


1) Increase the visibility and accessibility of the Scriptures online.

2) Provide free access to Bible study tools in many languages.

3) Promote the Gospel of Christ through the learning, study and application of God’s word.


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23 thoughts on “Supplement Your Study and Understanding of God’s Word with Biblos

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  1. Rick,

    How refreshing! You are so right in that the Bible, The Word of God, changes lives. I started when others discovered the life changing application of the Word and shared that information with me. May others discover the Author through what you have written.


  2. Thank you Rick for sharing this find. I agree that the Bible is a very good read and I recently made a promise to myself to completely read and understand “The Book” I bought an excellent Bible that really puts it into easy everyday reading and I try everyday to read a few pages. I was always (and still am) proud of my Dad, who had the chance to finish the Good Book. It probably the only book he ever finished. What a good choice.


    1. Cappydog,

      I too am working toward reading the Bible in its’ entirety. I’ve tried various reading plans, but, my attention span works on me and I’m trying to find a way (and Biblos may be my solution) to do this. Fortunately I have good teaching in my Church that has been a great help to me. I did see here recently, and for some reason it is strongly in mind, a suggestion to Read the book of John 3 times, then the old testamet, then the new testament to bring it all together.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me…



  3. Way to go Rick, I am overjoyed to say that you are part of the body of Christ where I pastor. God bless you for your stand and courage to share info about the greatest book ever written. I’m sure the Lord will use you as an instrument of blessing for the lives of countless others. Appreciate you deeply brother.


  4. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for posting this. It’s another tool I can add to the lifelong journey of studying about our Lord. If I can suggest a program called e-sword which you can find at

    It’s a free program that has the same types of things that biblos has like translations, commentary’s, languages.

    Keep standing for Our Lord, I am standing along side of you.


    Rocco T


  5. There are also those of us who have read the bible (and other “Holy” books) and have no time for them.
    Had you just mentioned Biblos as an on-line resource it would not bother me. But using what is a technologic blog for “professing the reflection of my faith” is, to me, an imposition. I wonder how you would react if computer blogs you subscribe to chose to profess atheistic beliefs,apropos of nothing but their desire to proselytise.


    1. Roger,

      I have never had to say this here; but, it is “my” blog and I can reflect “my” opinions, beliefs, faith, etc… in whatever manner I desire. I am not imposing anything onto anybody and that intention did not even cross my mind. If you notice in the article I did mention that I may lose some readers over this; which is to be expected. Do I care? Yes, I do care, because the word of God gives me hope and just maybe someone else out there may find that same “hope”. The Bible is the most read and best selling book in the history of mankind. The Bible consists of 66 books that have written over hundreds of years. To make it all come together into one book is amazing in itself.

      Thanks for commenting…



      1. LOL! “The Bible is the most read and best selling book in the history of mankind.”
        Is the most read and best selling SciFi book in the history…

        You lost a reader.

        Good luck in your beliefs.


    2. Rick writes that he is “a servant of Jesus Christ” on his own tech-themed blog. To echo much of what Bill has already posted…

      I don’t feel that Rick was inducing me to convert from my atheistic views (I believe that theism is poison)

      If Rick was off-topic trolling on say Bill Mullins’ blog I would agree with you, but this here is Ricks place & we are the guests. Right ?

      When I visit such excellent blogs as this one & Bill’s & Jerry Coyne’s Why Evolution Is True I learn something new & I grow just a little.

      Using Jerry as an example ~ he is a blogger, teacher, author, atheist, scientist, cat lover, cultural Jew, foodie, cowboy boot collector & wearer… All these elements come together in the WEIT mix & it’s all the better for it. It is a different experience from the more formal environment of his books (which could do with more cats!)

      When I visit here & places like here I try to remember to take my boots off before I cross the portal into the bloggers home. I do it on the bloggers terms


      1. Michael,

        First, thank you for your great comment… You know, just from the comments, everyone is professing their beliefs and do not even realize it.

        All is welcome here and you can even leave your boots on!



  6. @ Roger,

    First, let me be clear – I am a “non-believer”. I hold the view that organized religion has been, and continues to be, a disaster for humankind. Religious intolerance, and it’s consequences, apparent in current world events, speaks to that issue much better than I can.

    Still, I found your suggestion that this article is proselytizing (an attempt to convert from one religion, belief, or opinion to another), just a bit of a stretch.

    Surely, Rick (who didn’t mention his particular religious affiliation), is entitled to recommend an online service which he finds appropriate, and which meets his specific needs. And seemingly, the needs of others.

    Not mine, or yours, it seems; nevertheless, personal opinions and practices that differ from one’s own (even in a tech Blog), should be viewed as fair and
    permissible, in my view.

    As a technology Blogger who holds slightly left of center political views, and who expresses those views frequently – particularly in articles concerning Internet privacy, I relish the opportunity to express my personal beliefs.

    That’s the fundamental nature of blogging, after all.



  7. Michael,

    First, thank you for your great comment… You know, just from the comments, everyone is professing their beliefs and do not even realize it.

    All is welcome here and you can even leave your boots on!


    You haven’t seen my boots Rick 🙂


  8. If you are prepared to further your understanding
    If your prepared / furthering trusting your faith
    the Almighty shall grant the keys to heavens door.

    The Almighty’s advice being such /IF HUNGRY DON’T SPEND FOREVER LOOKING AT MENU. /ORDER /EAT /ENJOY.

    The point being the bible the menu / it being the
    signpost you need go beyond the menu the signpost.

    For practical spiritual experience /understanding
    one need turn the senses inward / in such actions
    there be a unfolding of the spiritual self / that
    which goes beyond ideas/ beliefs //unto practical experience/where knowing one leaves beliefs ideas.

    In meditation one needing guidance of a spiritual teacher / At present times humanity be blessed in having Prem Rawat // not only a spiritual teacher
    but a geacher of teachers/thus the very very best.

    On pc search put ( words of peace ) where being a
    large selection of videos /where Prem Rawat talks
    of meditation /the turning of one’s senses inward
    in bringing one’s unfolding of the spiritual self
    where all questions being answered/even questions
    as yet not asked answered bringing the journey in
    spiritual experience to an stage of enlightenment.

    Christ did not teach disciples prayer / he taught
    meditation /// the art of being one with the holy spirit /the / “word of God” / the word of God not
    the bible . “such being the “Breath of Life” know
    such power in its essence / As The Power Creation.


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