An Ever-Growing Collection of FREE Online Jigsaw Puzzles

If you love jigsaw puzzles then you will be surely entertained and challenged with There is nothing to install.  Just visit the site in your web browser and select your puzzle background from over hundreds of puzzles. You can even select how many puzzle pieces you want to scramble.


The cool factors with is that once you select your puzzle, you can go full screen, pull the pieces sidewards, change the background color, turn the sound on and off, get hints, pause the timer, move the edge pieces for an easier start and can select multiple pieces by dragging the mouse around the pieces.


You can sign up for an account; however, not necessary. By signing up you can make your own puzzles from your own pictures. You can upload up to 8 megabytes at one time. No individual file may be larger than 2 megabytes. I know that does not sound like a lot and it’s not; however, from my testing when I uploaded a large picture file, the site automatically scaled down the image to a kilobyte size without affecting the clarity of the image. is one of the best online jigsaw puzzles I have experienced.  Here’s to hoping that it continues to get better.


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