Learn About eBooks and eReaders vs. Kindle

Tech Paul at Tech-for Everyone put up an article this morning that brings into perspective all this hype about ebooks, eReaders and the Kindle.  Do you really need these eReader devices?

To check out his article, “eBooks and eReaders – There is more than Kindle, you know”.  visit Tech-for Everyone [CLICK HERE] .



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2 thoughts on “Learn About eBooks and eReaders vs. Kindle

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  1. The short answer to the question “Do you really need those devices” is “YES”. They are simply adorable. If you love reading that is. Because the main use of eReaders is to read on them, not to browse or to listen to music. Or to play games on them. Only to read on them. And in that, they are very good. There are many models, but I’m very happy with my Sony and I love the most its size and weight – it’s small and easy to wear all day around you, even if you’re not 100kg male. And it’s very nice to your eyes. Just like a real book. And the battery is very stable. So I don’t regret even a little that I bought mine.


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