Easily Create Complex Passwords the Microsoft Way

I noticed on the Microsoft Privacy & Safety Site, a step-by-step (easy) method for creating complex passwords. I started using this method and now find myself using it all of the time. I suggest you bookmark or print out this method. It may look like there is a lot to it; however, it actually is quite easy to do.


Step 1: Start with a sentence or two (about 10 words total). Think of something meaningful to you.

Example: My cat is named Bucket. She is a fat cat.

Step 2: Turn your sentences into a row of letters. Use the first letter of each word.

Example: mcinbsiafc

Step 3: Add complexity. Make only the letters in the first half of the alphabet uppercase.

Example: MCInBsIAFC

Step 4: Add length with numbers. Put two numbers that are meaningful to you between the two sentences.

Example: MCInB19sIAFC

Step 5: Add length with punctuation. Put a punctuation mark at the beginning.

Example: ?MCInB19sIAFC

Step 6: Add length with symbols. Put a symbol at the end.

Example: ?MCInB19sIAFC*

Now test the strength of your Password [HERE] at the Microsoft Safety & Security site.


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4 thoughts on “Easily Create Complex Passwords the Microsoft Way

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  1. The only thing now is to memorize that kind of password. I always find it hard to memorize such passwords that include characters in Caps, numbers and symbols. I always go with an easily remembered term (one that is only more familiar to me)then add numbers and sometimes maybe a symbol at either the beginning or at the end.


    1. Tech84,

      I don’t memorize the password. The trick here is to memorize the common sentence, number and symbols. Technically, one would not have to add the symbols or numbers; however, the further you go in these steps the more powerful the password.

      Just checked out your site… Great job and content.



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