Geek Squeak (#111) – New Version of Web App Note

I personally love to follow the development of NEW applications; especially when the developer makes you part of the process. I recently posted an article about a NEW cloud computing application (that is totally FREE) called Web App Note (“Web App Note – A NEW Online Sticky Notes Type Program” ).

Following that article a reader of the blog pointed out a user friendly issue and the developer was right on top of it and fixed the issue to make using the application easier for the end-user (which is you and me).  As a result, Web App Note is worthy of a Geek Squeak!

Web App Note

Today, I found out that Web App Note has been upgraded to version 2.0 . I encourage you to try it out [ HERE ] .  Again, as mentioned in the previous article, there is nothing to install.  Simply visit the site, signup for an account, and you are good to go.

The developer of Web App Note is looking for feedback and ideas to improve the application.

New in version 2.0

  • Brand new layout from Alexis!
  • Notes are not just plain text!
  • Text formating in notes (see help (i))
  • Insert html tables
  • Urls are converted into html links
  • Create Google Calendar© reminders
  • Create a linked task (n)

Web App Note is not just about notes!

  • Up/download files from Dropbox©
  • Organize your notes with tabs
  • Tab area is adjusted at startup
  • Manage a task list
  • Emails sent from your Google account to are imported
  • Hotkey CTRL+S saves the note contents


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2 thoughts on “Geek Squeak (#111) – New Version of Web App Note

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  1. Rick,

    I was still having the issue renaming my tabs…and I was beginning to think I was crazy.

    I emailed Antoine with screenshots and more details (that I use firefox, how I was clicking, etc) and he figured out the problem I was having. Here is his response to me:

    “The issue is coming from the way firefox handles the html5 property “contenteditable” that is updated using javascript.
    Long story short, Firefox doesn’t handle properly that html5 case, while IE and chrome do.
    I should be able to build a workaround for Firefox only that would solve the issue. I have put that fix into my list and should be able to make a release next week. I’ll let you know once it’s fixed.”

    Thanks for the help and as ALWAYS for the information that you share.



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