WeatherByte – A Clean and Simple Weather App

It does not get any simpler than this! If you want a to display the current weather, temperature, forecast, time and date (at a defined location) without a lot of fuss, then WeatherByte is for you.


Simply visit the web site [ HERE ], enter your location and how you want the temperature reflected. That is all there is too it.

WeatherByte Location

Weatherbyte is great to display on your computer, home theater, Google TV, Boxee, etc…  Instead of using a screensaver, I often bring up WeatherByte and have it on the screen so that I have a quick (and fast) glance of the current weather conditons.  Hmmm…  Maybe the developer could turn this into a screensaver app.

WeatherByte is also available as a Google Chrome app from the Google Chrome Web Store [ HERE ] .


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