Off Topic: White House Releases Birth Certificate

In all my years of being a citizen of the United States, I have never been more embarrassed… I was brought up to respect whomever was the President; whether it be Democrat or Republican. Today, we as U.S. citizens, fueled by “politicians, hate and the media circus” are teaching our younger generation that it is OK to be disrespectful toward our leaders. People will believe anything and the media and our congressional representatives know it. Folks, we are being dumbed down and made to feel angry toward each other. We cannot even set down and comfortably debate issues with friends without anger being expressed.

I try not to get caught up in this sort of thing, but when you turn on the TV (which I try to avoid) you see nothing but propaganda to sway our thought processes and keep us away from the real problems.

If I must, The President released his birth certificate for all to see.  What’s it going to be next?

Birth Certificate Released


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  1. I agree. Its easy to turn focus away and let the circus continue on with its clowning but every two years in November we can express our disapproval by voting against the ring leaders. Unfortunately many become disenfranchised and dont bother to vote. In that case, we all lose because nothing changes ultimately. Control of the White House and Congress just oscillates between D and R. We all want change but governing the U.S. is like steering a ship. There are are no 90 degree turns so change takes perseverance. I think that is where we as citizens fall short. We want instant results and a quick climb up to a better economic outlook. Peaks are great but they have one requirement: valleys.


    1. Matt,

      What a GREAT comment! You know, I worked for State Government for over 30 years and what I am finding is that people are disconnected from reality and plain just do not care; unless it affects them directly; AND, when they discover that they have been affected it is too late. For example, 2 years ago I informed some of the younger State employees that one of their benefits was on the table for discussion in the State Senate. No one cared; however, 2 years passed, it came full circle, the benefit was severely affected and now they are crying for milk. I am with you, we need to vote. Hmmm… Maybe next time I get into a political discussion, I will first ask, “Did you vote?”. If they say “no”, then I think I will say “conversation is over, thank you!”.



  2. Rick,

    I respect your views on this but the biggest problem is a lack of leadership. It took three years for President Obama to put this issue to rest and I’m sure that’s not because of the State of Hawaii taking three years to find the Long Form. Leaders take bold and decisive action. He should have done this three years ago but instead he sat and watched the circus play out until it reached a point where it could potentially become politically unfavorable for him.

    We need more leaders and less politicians.


    1. Big Geek Daddy,

      This issue should have never been an issue and you have to look at who brought it up (and why?)… All political!

      I was just reading the other day where this President has faced one crisis after another since taking office; more than any President ever. I could not imagine having to make some of those decisions. Keep in mind these decisions are from advisors and congressional leaders. There is that word again ” congress”! They are killing us…

      I always like to kick in “greed” and the mortgage industry crisis and I don’t know how it is where you reside. But that crisis alone has driven the country into the ground. It is hitting home now at our level. I do not think we will recover from that for many, many years to come. Very devastating…

      Thanks for sharing your valued comment on this “off topic” article.



      1. That’s why he’ll get elected again…because he’s the first President to ever have to face so many crisis’s. I’m not defending Bush but please let’s not forget that on Sept 11, 2011 there was what many would call a pretty big crisis.

        This is a quote from BHO today:

        ‎Mr. Obama said normally he wouldn’t comment on the birth debate but is doing so to shift the focus to important issues. He said the U.S. “has better stuff to do,” including lowering the deficit and creating jobs. “There are a lot of folks out there who are still looking for work, everybody is still suffering under high gas prices,” Mr. Obama said.

        You know where he went after he held the Birth Certificate press conference? He flew to Chicago to tape an episode of the Oprah show.

        I’m old school in still believe in leadership by example. Unfortunately, I’m not seeing much of it from either party and we’ll all suffer as a result.

        Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading the comments and hearing others opinions…even if they aren’t the same as mine.


      2. Big Geek Daddy,

        I agree with your “leadership by example” statement and that we are not seeing that much from either party. Also, I’m not much on “Oprah” either!

        Thanks for your comments. This has made for a good discussion.



  3. Politics is the hot potato to avoid but since you brought it up.

    I agree that the President deserves our respect even when we disagree with him. However, the problem is when the President puts himself or his office in a position of question.

    President Obama cried for “Government Transparency” and that we needed to change the politics of Washington. He was going to change things and make the processes of government more transparent if elected.

    For three years he has clouded, muddled, avoided, dodged and generally blacked out any and all request for release of his Birth Certificate. The day the issue was brought up it should have been released immediately to show that he did stand for change and that there would be transparency in his administration.

    Instead, he has brought into question the foundations of his reform platform and his own personal integrity. Sure, now he has released the document and it is true and there are no more questions, problem is he has damaged himself as President and has disgraced the people he is suppose to be representing by his actions.

    I don’t think that the “media circus” that has played out over the three years is fueled solely by “hate” but by distrust, yes some anger, and generally societal paranoia which is so easily swayed by talking heads. Besides, it was what poll after poll showed the American people wanted, so the Networks and News outlets have played it for every cent they could milk from it.

    But such is a “free” society. You must tolerate the man who wishes to burn the US flag in protest as much as the one who pledges his allegiance to it. One is so much easier to accomplish then the other, but both must be done.

    Take care and keep up the great work!


    1. Kevin,

      Great comment! The one point, “the problem is when the President puts himself or his office in a position of question” jumps out at me. I think what I am trying to get across, is that no matter what this man does, it is going to be a “position of question”. He came into office in one of the biggest messes in the history of the U.S. and if that were not the case he would not have not got voted in. When you have the “talking heads”, as you suggest, such as Palin, Trump, Beck, Fox News, etc… out there taking pot shots at anything and trying to create mistrust, to me that is disrespectful. I do not think I want those types of individuals running my country. People in this country hardly even vote, have no idea what the issues are in the country, and rely on the “talking heads” and the media sources to inform us. I am a person that looks at things from the middle, can go either way, and will go where I think there is honesty and sincerity. I just want to see some level ground again and someone sincere in there. Another point here is that our Congress really is the power… The President has great influence and veto powers, but the Congress is where it is at and these people are not getting it done. We are still fighting over the last election…

      Again, you brought your thoughts home with a really good comment and I do appreciate it.



  4. Like you Rick, I was also brought up to respect the man in the white house (regardless of party). And I do. He makes it very difficult though because the way he is handling it is what is embarrassing. The whole thing is a non story and why he even gives it lip service is beyond me.


  5. I am a UK citizen living in the UK

    The USA has been detaining prisoners in Guantanamo Bay for years without charge or fair trial. Compared with other first world nations the USA has the highest per capita rate for locking people away in prison.

    The gap between rich & poor is wider now than ever before. Your healthcare provision for the weak & vulnerable is a disgrace. Some of your Southern States are still trying to sneak creationism into the classroom. Your news/media is an international joke.

    Birth certificate ? It’s just a symptom of a divided nation – the haves want to keep their privileges at any cost & the have-nots will just have to struggle on. The USA has forgotten her founding principles of justice, fairness & (dare I say ?) charity

    I care for the USA, but I think your great nation is drowning in greed & materialism. Please do more for your poor & stop pretending that you have anything resembling a fair justice system.


    1. I’m too busy watching the royal wedding to focus on all of my material greed right now.

      And regarding our judicial system, at least our magistrates do not wear wigs.

      Have a happy day from a true American who loves his country.


      1. That’s it g. Go for the commentator rather than addressing the comment.

        A “true American” demonstrating his debating skills.


    2. Michael,

      Yes, this issue is definitely a symptom of a divided nation… After the last election the thing I really noticed was these sideshows starting, predominantly on the conservative side using the media circuit (that would support them), the internet, email, pushing negativity (and promoting hate). Most Americans I know do not vote, have no idea of any issue, do not care (except for themselves) and are apparently content that we are back spinning.



    3. Michael,

      You make several interesting points. I agree that we should do more for our poor. Matter of fact we could easily fund that endeavor by lessening all the charitable donations we provide to the rest of the world.

      According to Wikipedia the United States gives the most Official Development Assistance in pure dollars. The UK does give a higher percentage as measured against GDP. However, this doesn’t include Private Donations.

      Perhaps you are not familiar with The Giving Pledge but it was started by two American Billionaires (Warren Buffet and Bill Gates). I do believe most of the list is comprised of American Billionaires who have pledged to give their vast fortunes away. Please correct me if I’m wrong on this.

      As for your comments regarding our judicial system I’ll have to assume you’re an expert on it. I don’t know anything about the UK Judicial System so I’ll leave those comments for those that do.


      1. Hi Big Geek. I’m not sure where you’re going with this, but I’m not here to compare d*** sizes 🙂

        So in relative terms as a function of GNI: Sweden delivers 5.0x ODA and the UK 2.5x ODA compared with the USA.

        Yes I know of the pledge ~ a beautiful thing. And here is news just in that’s worth a thorough read including the comments:

        Meanwhile, some members of the audience listening to the panel grumbled about the fact that these big givers tend to give to the same sorts of causes, like putting their names on buildings at universities (Lokey contributed $75 million toward a new $200 million stem cell research building at Stanford), which don’t do much for solving issues of poverty or feeding the hungriest.

        and this which you & I agree on I’m sure:

        Fortunately for the Super Rich,giving ultimately is up to the giver. The earlier comment called out remarked on how many individuals could benefit from multiple smaller donations versus a yearly huge giving to the same recipient, as is the case most often seen. My most heartfelt misunderstanding is the decision of these Super Rich Individuals that feel a need to continue contributions to foreign entities while Americans are in a dire state.
        There is a need in every State of The United States that would benefit from Homeless Shelters, Abused Women and Children Shelters, Veterans Shelters etc.
        Our Country has 12 Million jobs to fill, How about buying back some of our companies that have been sold off and sent overseas? Start a Solar Revolution and open American Manufacturing avenues again?

        Here is an interesting report called Republicans Embrace ‘Greedy Geezers’ ~ The Repugnants (my word) are making a cynical bet that Americans over 55 really are the “greedy geezers” of conservative ideology, people who care only for themselves and not for their children and subsequent generations. That calculation is at the center of Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposal to replace Medicare with a voucher system, but only for those reaching retirement age in a decade

        A comparison of BBC & CNN regarding The F Word: Guantanamo Files Show Media Priorities

        Regarding Guantanamo the UK & the USA are equally evil. We both decided that democracy, justice & fair play could go on hold in the interest of a higher & more urgent cause ~ that of security & retribution. We lowered ourselves into the slime of moral relativism & now we all stink.



    4. Debate? lol. Your mantra is straight from the evening news and the gospel of the liberals. Hardly debate worthy. It’s an old and tired issue really.

      Trust me, you will know when I decide to engage. I don’t really think Rick’s place is the proper forum for it. Check out Daily Kos and Fox news for debates on the very issues you brought up. I think you will be able to satisfy your debate hunger there.
      Have a beautiful day.


      1. What can I say g ? Your reply is thin gruel. So free that I’m not even sure whether you’re a progressive Daily Kos type or more in the court of the anti-liberal Rupert, but I expect it’s the latter.

        Your insincere “Have a beautiful day” & lack of contribution indicates that you are a lightweight


      2. Michael, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have to admit that I was being somewhat insincere with my beautiful day comment as I did not first check your weather in jolly old England prior to making that statement. I had assumed it was at least 60 degrees and partly sunny on your side of the pond. I can understand your distress if the actual conditions were 50 degrees and rain showers.

        As for the for the obvious sincere remark from you about me being a lightweight, I recently went to the doctor and found out that I was somewhat overweight. Not quite obese but was concerned enough that I stop having snacks at lunch. I do appreciate your concern that I need to bulk up but unfortunately for me, that is not the case.

        Getting back to points you made during your generalization of us “Americans”, put yourself in my extra large shirt and imagine how you would feel if I made a statement that “you Brits all wear funny banker hats, watch the Monty Python channel all day, have tea and crumpets, and hang out in discos.”

        Perhaps this fits you to a T but I’m sure this does not represent the majority of the people in your nation.

        You seem to be a well heeled chap and hopefully you can grasp the nature of my first reply to you and why I found your remarks offensive and derogatory toward “us Americans”.

        Warmest regards.


      3. The “generalisations” argument fails because your examples are absurd

        It is valid for me to claim that the USA does not look after her poor/vulnerable citizens as she should. Saying “the USA is x” is NOT the same as saying “you are x” or “all Americans are x”

        When you claim to be a “true American” you should consider who else claims the same ~ it’s people of many varying (& often opposing) opinions. At one end of the spectrum for example there are fruitcakes who blow up federal buildings. Saying I am a “true American” is meaningless because you haven’t supplied a context ~ it’s a catchphrase that saves you having to:
        ** Form an argument
        ** Reach a conclusion
        ** Supply evidence/references

        Hence my remark:

        …lack of contribution indicates that you are a lightweight


      4. Yes, I understand what you are saying in how to form an argument. I learned that when I took logic in college. Sounds like it is still fresh with you. Have you considered becoming a college professor? I’m sure the young minds of the UK could use your in depth analysis in how to debate someone who generalizes another nation.

        Which disco clubs do you frequent?


  6. This country will not be recognizable as America in a few years. I’m 68 and I remember a country where everybody was asked to do something for the country and his fellow citizens. I served 3 years in the Marine Corps and did one tour in Vietnam. I earned my spot on the “roster” by investing part of my life in this country. The younger ones who were not required to serve do not appreciate the opportunities they have by virtue of the sacrifices and service of the citizens who went before them. They get it all for free. It seems like the attitude is no longer how can we create something where everybody benefits but how can I take what the others have. Money (profit)and the accumulation of wealth is the only goal now and people seem ready to do anything to get it. That attitude was always there in some but now it is in almost everybody. Too bad – the america I remember wasn’t perfect but it was better.


    1. JohnnyG86,

      Great honor to have you comment here… Your comment is hitting the nail right on the head. It is “greed” and all about self. We are being driven down a road where we’ll be fighting over jobs at McDonalds; while the people of great wealth (using China and other countries) as their labor force, sit back with their fat bellies and laugh. We are being driven down a road where we teach our younger people that living on credit is OK and filing for bankruptcy is OK. Again, wealthy people sit back with their fat bellies and laugh. The sad about this is that the people of great wealth, with those fat bellies are the same ones who put our the players (politicans) in our system.



  7. Hi Rick & readers. I want to contribute a tribute to one American who is part of the solution rather than part of the problem…

    He’s John Hunter ~ educator & musician ~ “[who] puts all the problems of the world on a 4’x5′ plywood board & lets his 4th-graders solve them” in a classroom teaching tool called The World Peace Game [Contains short video trailer]

    His story. His idea. His students. See them at a cinema near you soon in a documentary film by Chris Farina called The World Peace Game & Other 4th-Grade Achievements

    He relates his story in this TED talk from March [20-minute video] ~ “he explains… why the complex lessons it teaches (spontaneous, and always surprising) go further than classroom lectures can”

    There is a lesson here for all of us irrespective of our roots or our beliefs. Make yourselves a coffee & enjoy 🙂


      1. So let’s be clear here…you and Bill are calling anyone that wanted to see proof a racist? Really? Maybe those that wanted to see the real birth certificate just wanted to make sure an American born citizen was President whether he/she is white, black, brown, or whatever color people come in.

        Please answer this…cause throwing the term Racist at people is a serious accusation.


      2. Big Geek Daddy,

        No, no, no… Please understand what I am trying to say that I do believe that many people have a hard time dealing with the fact that Mr. Obama is a black man and is our President. There is still many undertones of racism in this country (from all sides). I look at a man (or woman), not for their color, but for their integrity and honesty. Believe me, I am from a part of the country where I hear the undertones and comments. People truly are having a hard time dealing with this…

        I do agree with what Bill is saying about our country being obsessed with the rage politics and that we are being seriously being dumbed down. I pretty much said that in my previous comments. I just cannot see why people are not seeing this. Are we at that level where we like a potential candidate that runs around Alaska hugging grizzly bears or a super billionaire whose only desire in life was personal gain and the chance to say “you’re fired”… This is all gimmick…

        The Birth Certificate issue is as the result of the “rage politics” and nothing more. I do not think that a person would be permitted to reach the level of U.S. Presidency without careful combing of that persons background (including birth). Just about any Government position out there checks out a persons background. I really think he may have stood back from this and kept saying to himself, “you got to be kidding me”.

        As I mentioned before, I go in the middle when looking at potential candidates. To be straight forward, the Republican party needs to have someone step forward that can demonstrate seriousness and quit using the “rage politics” tactics and the media sideshows. It all is really worrisome….



  8. @ Big Geek Daddy

    Where does it fit into your logic that a person, such as Obama, had not been vetted in the long complex process of been nominated to ensure he met the statutory requirements to both run for, and accept (when elected), the office of President.

    Your position would carry more weight if there were historical precedent for this outrageous and hysterical behavior. There isn’t, and those who support it need to ask – why not? I suggest to you, that if President Obama were white, no one would have questioned the legitimacy of his birth certificate.

    It’s important to note, that he did in fact, release his short form birth certificate shortly after being elected, but facts obviously have little impact on gossip mongers and fanatics who fabricate lies. Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck come to mind.

    This last assault on Obama’s integrity, without a shred of proof incidentally, was pushed by a man (Donald Trump), who makes Sarah Palin look both classy, and intelligent. I’m somewhat surprised that Trump hasn’t yet demanded proof that Hilary Clinton is really a woman – and not an alien.

    Maybe it’s time for Donald Trump to show the rest of us what’s underneath that comb-over. Given that Trump is a man who managed to bankrupt a Casino (now there’s a trick) – not much, I’m guessing.

    To ignore the issue of the racial divide that exists in America, particularly as it applies to this question, is disingenuous to say the least. Every American should want to tar and feather the racists, who made this an issue.

    Finally, America’s position in the world is not well served by its current obsession with rage politics. Most Americans, I suspect, would be less than pleased to know that elsewhere in the world, America is often seen as a country that suffers from a seriously dumbed-down culture.

    This Birther nonsense is just one more recent example of the type of non-thinking, that reinforces that view.


  9. Bill & Rick,

    In my mind there is a difference between Racism and Rage Politics. Perhaps Bill you should be a little more careful before making statements like it’s “Racism…pure and simple.” Nothing is really simple in American Politics.

    And yes Rick, I live in the South as well and I hear the undertones and comments as well. When someone classifies an individual based on their race they really show their own ignorance and lack of character. And likewise…when you attempt to classify everyone that looks at a situation differently than you by saying it’s racism, therefore implying they must be racist, you weaken your argument greatly.

    Bill – Why does there need to be historical precedent to question something? Just curious.

    BTW – last time I check President Obama is half white so for someone logical like me statements that begin with “If he were white” just doesn’t process in my brain housing group.


    1. Big Geek Daddy,
      I would like to make a couple of points here.
      If you live in the south then you know that if an individual has any black blood in his veins he is considered black.
      You and everybody else know full well that the official birth document from the state of Hawaii has been posted on the internet for over two years.
      That’s the document that is used for everything up to and including passports. Why the need for further proof? You guessed it – he’s black.
      This is so obviously racist that anyone’s denials are pathetic.
      The problem with this subject being bandied about is that as the President said-This is silly and it keeps everyone from addressing the real problems and choices that will have to be made. I believe this is intentional “mis-direction”.
      In Washington and in all of the Republican controlled statehouses they are giving the “bums rush” to force through all of the conservative social legislation on their wish list.
      They are succeeding because the people believe whatever they hear on TV three times or read on the internet once and vote for their own destruction.
      They have been doing this for thirty years and the destruction of their way of life is almost here.
      Think Trickle Down (aka. Voodoo Economics)
      If people don’t wake up soon they will be “free-marketed” until they don’t have two nickles to rub together..


      1. JohnnyG86,

        Your comment “I believe this is intentional mis-direction” is definitely what I “have been “witnessing. This “misdirection” has been fed through the “select” media sources and the “feeder fish” (which are the people) are eating this stuff up. The internet has also played a role in the psychological propaganda; especially through the “forward on” emails. Prior to and during Obama’s campaign for the Presidency AND to this day, I still get emails that are a constant wave of attempts to make people believe (our own citizens) that the President of the United States is anti-American. I often send the emails back to the sources pointing out the facts and untruths. The sad bit about all of this is that people really believe it. The “hidden agenda” going on here is something that I hope people are smart enough to see through it.



      2. Like I said in my original post “He should have done this three years ago but instead he sat and watched the circus play out until it reached a point where it could potentially become politically unfavorable for him.”

        We wouldn’t even be having this discussion if President Obama had delivered the final proof three years ago. Leadership, not politics is what I’m interested in. Not seeing much from either party these days.


  10. @ Big Geek Daddy,

    To the contrary – everything in American politics is simple.

    It’s as simple as Rick’s comment: Most Americans do not vote, have no idea of any issue, do not care (except for themselves) and are apparently content that we are back spinning.

    Back spinning? Hell, more than 50% of the people in your country believe the Noah’s Ark fairy tale. Creationism reigns – the world was created 6,000 years ago. How sad is that?

    Instead of being careful, as you suggest, I have no difficulty in calling a racist, a racist. I have done so many times, as the occasion demanded, face to face. Physical confrontation with cowardly pricks is something I enjoy immensely.

    I live in Toronto, one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. You, on the other hand, live in a country where your National Anthem, and your Pledge of Allegiance, are both an insult to reality.

    Home of the brave, land of the free – liberty and justice for all? Get a grip! As my Irish grandmother used to say – “catch yourself on”.

    Your self serving views hold no sway with me. We live in entirely different realities. This is the Internet – if you state your views, they will be tested against other peoples experiences. Be prepared to defend them with appropriate and knowledge based argument.

    Like most Americans, you have a less than adequate grasp of your own history. Worse, it’s obvious from your comments, that you have virtually no understanding of how the rest of the world is watching America in freefall.

    JohnnyG86 (who comes from the same generation as I do), has it right – “This country will not be recognizable as America in a few years”. It’s self – righteous people like you, with your silly attempts at attempting to justify moral wrong, who will lead the way.

    If your question – “Why does there need to be historical precedent to question something?” which you fail to see the weaknesses in, is an indication of your debating skills, you need a refresher course in presenting a lucid and cohesive argument.

    Your comment “last time I check(ed) President Obama is half white so for someone logical like me statements that begin with “If he were white” just doesn’t process in my brain housing group” I’ll let slide – sort of.

    But, you might want to consider the implications of mixing purple and pink, yellow and green, red and blue – I doubt if you’ll end up with purple, yellow, or red. Consider the outcome in relation to your comment.

    Frankly, I find your comments practiced bullshit. The kind of nonsense spewed by a closet racist.

    FYI, 90% of my family are Americans, living in Florida, California, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and elsewhere. Thankfully, none of them hold the inappropriate views that you do. They’re smarter than that. They’re smarter than you.


    1. If your original comment had said “Rage Politics pure and simple” I wouldn’t have had an issue with that. But now you’ve gone from classifying me (whom you know nothing about) from an outright racist to a closet racist. Yes, Rage Politics it is…so glad you’re above it.

      No more comments from me on this post. Feel free to get the last word in.


      1. Big Geek Daddy,

        This is what is great about the country we live in. We can freely express our thoughts and opinions; AND that you did. From just the comments we all made in this thread, I actually learned a few things. Thank you very much… I never expected an “off topic” subject to generate such conversation. As this article remains posted and as time passes, I am sure I will see more action and comment.



  11. Well, this will be my last post here also:
    But I must reassert that we would not be having this conversation if the President was white.
    Just look at how this man was portrayed and characterized, as a witch doctor. as a Nazi, as a socialist, as a Mau-Mau, as a racist, as un-American and the list goes on!
    We have heard cries that we need to “take our country
    back” – What’s that about? Who are they saying has it when that man was duly elected in accordance with the Constitution of the United States and yet they want to run around screaming “the Constitution-the Constitution” when it just didn’t turn out the way they wanted!
    They scream things like “we have to rely on second amendment remedies” or “if ballots won’t work – bullets will”. Are you kidding me? Do you people think that only right-wingers know how to handle weaponry? Let me assure you that is not the case! Do these people really want gun battles across streets in neighborhoods in this country? We did that already!
    Let me end this mini-rant by saying that this man’s opponents will say or do anything and everything to replace him with one of their own.
    My final line is that we are extremely fortunate to have elected this man to sit in that position at this time. The problems are humongous, the situations complicated, and there is no money to deal with the problems because it has been given to the wealthiest in this country and they are going to keep it. It ain’t gonna trickle down folks.
    His intellect is of a magnitude that Trump can’t even imagine, yet it is big news when he attacks the President on that basis.
    Come on people let’s concentrate on the things that will make a difference in our lives and not this silliness.


    1. JohnnyG86,

      I thank you for expressing comments and making this thread interesting. I mirror your thoughts and comments. I also want to personally thank you for serving our country during an another confused time. I graduated in 1975, was the oldest in a family of four boys, and I was slated to be drafted at that time.



  12. I think people need to remember that the first person to raise the birth certificate issue was not a Republican or Fox News but Hillary Clinton during the primary campaign. Polls have shown that a large number of Democrats have doubts as to his birthplace, etc., so it isn’t just Republicans or Conservatives.

    Secondly, John Kerry faced all sorts of scrutiny about his military record and he was white, but I guarantee you that if it was Obama in that position, people would be saying it was solely about race and if he were white we wouldn’t be having the discussion.

    I am NOT a “birther,” and find the whole issue ridiculous. The fact that Obama’s mother was a citizen makes the whole citizenship debate moot in my opinion. It doesn’t matter who his father was or even if he WAS born in Kenya, his mother being a citizen makes him a citizen. Think of all the military people stationed around the world who meet someone in their country of station and have a child. One parent is a citizen, one is not and the child was born outside the USA. Do you really think that every one of those kids would be told, “Sorry, you can’t ever run for President?”

    I think Obama’s position on the long form birth certificate is more indicative of arrogance and making a point after the “Swift Boat” issue that John Kerry went through. He knew any questioning would be diverted toward racism, which is what the default position is by many of his supporters anytime someone disagrees with or dislikes Obama. It is beyond their comprehension that someone could dislike or disagree with him because of his policies and actions regardless of his race. President Bush enjoyed vicious hatred by those on the left, but I don’t remember anyone saying that if he were Black, the left wouldn’t be saying those things about him. Yes… they compared him to Hitler, Facism, etc., just as they complain some do about Obama. You can’t default to racism just because Obama is black. I can’t stand him, but it has nothing to do with his race, but with Obamacare, his socialist agenda, taking a bad idea from Bush (TARP) and doubling down on it, etc.

    Too many people today are trying to make everything a “right.” Healthcare is not a right, regardless of how good an idea you think it may be. Are a house and car a “right?” We need to work on equality of opportunity, but there is no guarantee of equality of result, no matter how much we wish it were so. I can practice the exact amount of time on my jump shot as Michael Jordan, but I’m not going to beat Michael Jordan in a pickup game. If someone risks it all, works their fingers to the bone and becomes a billionaire, good for him and I don’t have a right to tell him how to spend his money or confiscate it to match my idea of how it should be spent. The top 25% of wage earners pay over 85% of the taxes already, so I’m not sure what has to happen before people think they’re paying their “fair share.” You could take every dime from every rich person and corporation and you’d only run the government for less than a year. We have a spending problem, not a tax problem.


  13. DesertDude
    Your comment is just chock full of Republican talking points. I must have missed “job creators”.
    In your estimation, what does the phrase “of, by and for the people” refer to? That’s a general indication of what this country was established for.
    Health care should be considered a “right”. All governments should provide health care for ALL of it’s citizens. That’s a simple conclusion because it makes such good economic sense. Everything shouldn’t be a “for profit” industry and there are many things governments should provide for it’s citizens even though they could be “free marketed”.
    As far as Bush being called Hitler and a Nazi–that’s true but he wasn’t called “Snowflake” because he was white. Just look at the posters at Tea-Party festivities. It’s a standard Republican “smear machine” attack just like the “Swift Boat” propaganda.
    Republicans will continue to use these tactics as long as it works with the malleable minds of the American people.
    You say we don’t have a tax problem? We just have a spending problem? Yeah we do have a spending problem BUT we also have a revenue problem!!! This all started about thirty years ago when Reagan walked into the White House with nothing bur contempt for working people and Voodoo economics. Unfortunately this coincided with the book “I’m Number One” which legitimized the carnivorous attitude that is prevalent today.
    The basic problem is that people want all the services, opportunities and benefits but do not want to pay for them. If you want this stuff-YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT-ALL OF US HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!
    I guess the conclusion of this “ramble” is to say that I think you’re a typical up and coming young
    white guy and you’re ALL WET.


    1. JohnnyG86,

      “Carnivorous Attitude” – You have described perfectly what is prevailing today and the problem with this attitude is that we have created an environment where it is not “for the people” or “by the people”. We are truly being dumbed down in this country!



      1. Ramblinrick
        The situation is in fact that the populace has been “dumbed down”. It sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory – but – I believe it has been intentional. Just look at the high percentage of kids that don’t even graduate High School. Then look at the ones that did graduate but can’t spell cat.
        The “right” has taken years to establish the megaphone (radio and cable news)in order to repeat their “made-up stuff” to effectively convince listeners that their lies and mischaracterizations are fact. They now have unlimited money to bombard the airways with their “stuff” to basically buy elections. The Left doesn’t have the money or the megaphone to compete.
        The problem is that people are voting based on this propaganda and they are voting to their detriment. I don’t see that they are going to wake up before it’s too late.
        The scenario is much like the 70s James Kahn movie Rollerball. The commercial interests in this country can buy any politician or election they want to after the Citizens United decision, so they are in control like the movie. The difference today is that the game used to occupy and entertain the masses isn’t Rollerball – it’s politics which is on pretty much 24 hours a day. Sounds crazy-I know.
        People are going to get what they vote for whether they like it or not.
        Just a note in closing – I really enjoy your work and Bill Mullins work daily.


      2. JohnnyG86,

        Thanks for the blogging compliment… I really appreciate that!

        You seem to have placed great thought in all of your comments–ALL which have made perfect since to me… What is am seeing is that people are believing all the crap out there and willing to accept that LESS is better. We are witness to a movement of going backwards…



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